Justice League and DCEU films-Discussion Thread


Just a few weeks for the JL.


They’re the best comic book films made and I could not be more hyped*. Can’t wait!

*I genuinely make sure not to get hyped about movies, and I cannot help myself with Justice League. I went in to both Superman and BvS expecting ruins and came out impressed by both.


Really enjoyed BVS but am feeling pretty much no hype for this movie at the moment. Which is a good thing I guess? I’ll definitely try watch it at some point though


Dank. 10/10 would watch.


Don’t watch it with hype. :stuck_out_tongue: that’s how I go into any movie nowadays even if people rave on about it.

BvS was actually pretty cool and I was happy with it. Suicide Squad tho… Haven’t watched WM yet but will soon.


Yeah, was super disappointed with suicide squad but that sad hyped to high heaven.
What’s WM? If wonder woman, enjoyed that a lot


SS felt very hollow for me with how bloated it was. Yeah Wonderwoman, if DC truly will move away from Marvel’s formula (especially with the new people in charge) in favor of stronger standalone films then I’m all in.


hi everyone , good posts thanks for your posts


I hyped for JL and I really want to see a fight between Superman and Steppenwolf.SS was the only movie which I was dissapointed with,but for me BvS was reallly good so was WW and MoS is my favorite DCEU movie until now


I liked “Hero’s” but I can’t say the same for “Friends and Foes”.


I really hope it turns out well, Supes and Bats and WW found worthy adaptations in the big screen this time and I don’t wanna see JL tank.

I am gonna go in without watching reviews for it, see how I like it.


Holy damn,it’s good.
Superman was easily the best part of the movie,he is hopeful,joyfull and really powerfull,he also has a great relation with the team(and his moments with Flash are really funny).You all are going to like him in this movie(right in the start of the movie,you will have a big smile on your faces).
Steppenwolf is a bit shallow some times but he serves his purpose just right,he is powerfull enough to give them troubles(except for a certain Big Blue guy) but his motivations aren’t deep enough to make us care or relate to him(like Zod’s motivation to bring his people back).
The OST isn’t as powerfull as Zimmer’s or Junkie’s OST,but they fit right with the scenes and it has some cool throwbacks to classic DC TV shows and movies.
The team has a awesome bound between them,they feel more like a big family rather then a team(sure they may have some disagreements,but they aren’t as heavy as the ones in the Avengers).
And even through this movie may lack the “deept” the others ones had due to the responsability to set a universe,this one is straight foward and fufill its job:Make every fan of the Justice League happy.

Wait for the credit to roll,there are two post credit scenes(one is funny and the other is a big hype moment).


Really ? That’s really good news, cannot wait !


They nailed superman in this film, and I still believe that he’s a better character for the dark journey that he took to get here. But even aside from all that this is the first time he’s been on screen and really looked “super”. It’s almost like he needed other heroes around to show just how powerful he is. Loved the Luigi death stare moment!

It feels quite different to Avengers, even though it clearly took plenty of inspiration. The team feels somehow more human and “normal”, which is weird considering Marvel usually have that angle nailed in the comics.

Second post credit scene is tantalising and potentially sets things up to really differentiate the DC universe movies from the Avengers set-up.


Had a very good time with it. Lemme list my top 4:

  • Flash giving back WW her sword
  • Bats stuttering when Supes asked if he missed him
  • Aquaman sitting on the lasso
  • Cyborg’s booyah (Teen Titans FTW !)

Ι caught up on the fact that there was a ton of stuff cut from the movie. Cannot wait for the extended version ! Not much wrong with the film except for two things: its villain and the whereabouts of the boxes (although I am fairly certain that second thing was cut). Also, it’s really weird. Why does WB have this stupid 2 hr rule when some of their best films to date were over 2 hours easy ? Inception was 2 and a half hours long, Interstellar was 10 minutes short of being 3 hours.

Lost all faith with their audience, gotta say.

BTW, my gf wants the poster for the movie. Told her I would get and I have no idea where they sell it. Got creative and found a store that prints stuff as well a ginormous image for them to print.


I wish Steppenwolf was better developed,I was hoping to see him saying more about the New Gods and more about his relation with Apokolipse forces(like,was he outcasted or did he self outcasted to “train”?).I was also hoping to see him acting like a commander rather then a lone agent with some goons to back him up,like giving orders in mid battle to his Parademons and thinking in some counter attack plan to take on his enemies.But he was cool(still,not cool as Zod).
I also hoping for a better desing for his armor in his return,is not that I didn’t liked his armor but his armor in the comics are way more intimidating.

Print this poster,it has all the members in(except for a Lantern).