Just Your Average Crow


What’s the average Crow like? How do people who just pick him at random play him? How well do they do? Is it hard for most people to land shots? Do they get good damage? Do they get good stasis times? Do they keep LoS on the Monster all the time? How many domes does it take to get to the center of a Monster?

These are all questions I’d really liked answered. For me, I brag about my skill with Crow so I’d like to know if my averages are above average, or just normal. It would be appreciated if you followed this form when responding, but it’s not necessary.

In an average match, 16-20mins, I can get 8,000 damage with KLR, 4-5mins of stasis, 40-45 spots with Gobi, and a total of 6 domes. How do your stats compare?

In a medium length match, 12-16mins, I can get 6,800 damage with the KLR, 3-4mins of stasis, 30-40 Gobi spots, and 4-5 domes. How do your stats compare?

In a short match, 8-12mins, I can get 5,500 damage with the KLR, 2-3mins of stasis, 20-27 Gobi spots, and 3 domes. How do your stats compare?


Whenever I’m crow I always struggle with stasis. But since I have Val sniper level of MLG I can land my KLR shots just fine :crow:

I get 20-30 Gobi spots and 10-15k on KLR.


That’s a lot of damage!


Because I spend most of my time on KLR and not stasis.


I consider myself to be above average with crow. I don’t play trapper too often but when I do, I mess around with crow and Jack. The problem with crow is that he’s either a beast trapper doing good damage and keeping a long, consistent stasis or he’s absolute trash. I’m an outlier, I know how to cut off the monster, use Gobi efficiently, and know General monster paths but using his weapons is something different. I do ok with his long rifle but it’s hard to aim with and his stasis is hard to get off consistently. I don’t mind high skill ceilings, but I feel that a good crow has somewhat of an unfair advantage with his high stasis times.


I’ve started using crow with Val a lot lately against goliaths or behemoths. Crow is probably the most enjoyable trapper to play from the sound from that rifle, to not losing sight of the monster.


Val and Crow together are nasty.


Dammit. Ya should’ve said something like this, ‘I don’t play trapper too often, but when I do, there is no chase.’ lol


Ikr is great monsters can’t get away for shit.


With me as Crow it’s already a GG if I get on their tail. I get really cocky whenever I’m on the tail of a Monster and yell “Now you don’t get away!” as I constantly stasis and dome it.


@Pancake_Mix what are your averages?


I haven’t played crow in a month and a half, and evolve in a month so I can’t really remember my averages. I have no problem getting domes, but they vary by match length. My long rifle would have to sit at around 3-6k but I’m pretty sure my stasis time is horrid, and so I’d put it at 2-3 mins because I don’t land too many fully charged shots.


I think you know how I feel about the last time I chose to roll with Crow…


Yeah, I cringed so hard watching you.



I would if I could. I ain’t afraid!