Just won my first BEHEMOTH GAME thanks to the patch!


i was able to take down every hunter that oppose me twice and eventually killed them. the only one that survived was the support. with any other monster i might give up and go get armor but not behemoth. rolled out and chased him down to a small alley and rock walled his exit. his fate was sealed. it was time for him to face my 360 pounce glory. won the game with still half my health left. never made it to stage 3 before with behemoth. always lost at stage one or two due to the ridiculous amount of dmg he took but ,making to stage 3 tonight was a total blast and a moment to be remembered.



winning feels good, cheers! :slight_smile:



The glorious thing about this post is that I visualized every sentence you wrote.



Some posts saying the Behemoth is still weak, some saying is good now. I’m so torn, I don’t know what to believe anymore :’(

I’ve won 4\5 games as Behemoth, I thought he was pretty good before the micro patch and is my favourite monster, can’t wait to see him with the apparent buffs soon.



Its a good feeling when you realize that you can easily end a game at stage 1 and decide to wait it out and Evolve anyways



If you liked him before you are gonna damn sure like him better now,:grin:

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