Just what exactly is being done, now the game is f2p about hacks, and scripts for aim bots teleporting etc?


Weekend was great fun.

This afternoon and evening I’ve had several questionable games while playing as monster.

Played this game for quite a while on initial release and first beta etc, so I have an idea about what is natural or not.

Now here (after a bit of looking on google, say a 2 min search) is a youtube video of just one of the MANY hacks available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1yhsWLp6Vc

There’s no point in ranked or anything else of the script kids have descended to troll.

The hacks are actively being used now, and I’ve seen the forums where people are using them etc.

So…what’s the plans, or do I avoid ranked completely?

Bf4 was bad enough with people saying there’s hardly any hacks until the sites came out which let you check player stats with flags for questionable data and accuracy etc, and then people just stopped playing as much on PC as the fact hacks were not only about, but fairly common.

If anyone would like to try “not mant hacks about etc” I have plenty more videos if you’d like to see.


I went up on a hack a few days ago as Monster. The dome was thrown and no one was in the Arena, Medic was Caira not Lazarus. I kept searching and then I see all 4 Hunters outside of the dome, and I just left the game cause I said screw that


from the vid it seems like just ESP? Which is helpful but not super helpful anymore in Stage 2. I didnt watch the whole thing, but I couldn’t see aimbot or health hacks?


A known hack/exploit is using the portals to get out of the dome if you have the character that does that, but one is stood just outside when the dome is tripped. Dome stays up with monster inside and you get a nice time drain.

How do I know this exists, I was on a team that did it and talked about doing it over mic. I was on their side as bucket. I left the game. Pointless trolling b/s.


The video that shows wall hacks and health, has the website to get it on the video. I’m not sharing that for obvious reasons.


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You might wanna take note of the video posted in the OP.


I know this has the website on it, but it was the least damaging hack as someone said. The others are worse.


Just great :angry: I hate hackers


I got accused of wall hacking by the Monster after I found him or two minutes after the drop on Wraith Trap.
Did not realize cheats were already available.


Here is what’s used on the video I shared:



  • Aimbot
  • Autoaim
  • Animal Autoaim
  • Aim Key
  • FOV Slider


  • Name ESP
  • Class ESP
  • Box ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • Outline ESP
  • Object ESP
  • Trap ESP
  • Animal ESP
  • Player ESP
  • Visibility Check
  • Color customization
  • Crosshair


  • Perma Sense
  • Save Config
  • Crosshair
  • Sense Range

So imagine if you will playing Kraken or wraith, and getting tracker dart or harpoon hitting you every single time.


Imagine playing as hunters, and having a wraith player see food through walls, and you across map, and his abilities hit bang on accurately on you, each and everytime.


Man this is serious! Goddamn, what is wrong with these people.


Ah I see, wishful thinking on my part then, I guess they couldn’t get their 14.99 a month if they didn’t have aimbot or health etc.

Hopefully the AC system is being tuned this beta as well.


Because it’s free to play, people will be all over these hacks like flies.

There’s no risk to loose out on. They won’t even like the actual game, it’s just to troll the ranked ladder and troll the players.

One guy on mic said to me, when using the dome exploit (for it to stay up keeping monster trapped with no hunters), “Evolve devs are greedy af. I brought the game way back now this shit blah blah. So i’m going to ruin it”

They were streaming apparently for the lulz.


Nevermind that, imagine ALL hits being headshots…yeah…really hope TRS has a good AC system in place/in development.


Yeah…takes all kinds, I guess.


Well add the medic with the sniper rifle that gives weak point… well any way you look at this, it’s undefendable.

Even the ESP hack alone rapes the game. Never mind the rest.


I suggest the developers to use VAC, due to the nature of the game they hardly have any advantage, unless they find a way to spam powers and get armor/hp.

This is OFF-TOPIC but OP mentioned BF4, and has a BF4 owner I must say he is wrong. PC has the largest BF community and active players compared to all the consoles together (according to EA own statistics available to the public) and cheaters are not a problem there due to constant waves of bans.


Regarding Bf4… Ha no.

https://www.pbbans.com/mbi-view-all-bf4-bans-44.html That’s today’s bans yes. Look at those numbers.

That’s the “free bans”.

The paid bans (two major ones you pay for) are currently patched as of now, and are working.

This player here is using one, still hasn’t been banned.

Bf4 will get barely any support now as BF1 is due. The hackers are coming in droves.

Guys platoon




He’s been actively hacking for over a month.

Please don’t B/S.


It’s built on Cryengine and they’re not using any servers or netcode from Valve, so I don’t think VAC is an option. (Unless Valve has branched out in the AC field and is offering it as a third party tool.)


Valve has always offered VAC has a third-party tool (since steamworks), the moment you get to an agreement with Valve to put your game on steam, you can request access to steamworks, and that includes VAC, Achievements, Server Structure, etc.

And you can choose to use whatever, you are not obligated to use all of steamworks features.

The engine of the game also matters little, VAC runs on the background looking for known hacks md5’s, names and behaviours, checks your processes, history and files while monitoring game changes.

Reason why you only get flagged after you close the game, and get banned when a wave comes each few months.

Problem is the developers need to update the Cheats list constantly, else will be useless and cheaters will remain. But the most basic cheats will get you banned, VAC detects memory access easily.