Just watched 'John Wick' and it was freaking amazing! #Justice4Daisy


The soundtrack and the cinematography was very beautifully done. And that Daisy is so freaking cute!!!


Heard that he kills a f*ckload of people :joy:


No she’s not. She’s a tub of la…oh wait, that Daisy, nevermind.


All for that for a fuk… Its for Daisy nvm…


I liked this movie.


I almost couldn’t finish the movie.


what? but you said you liked it?


Tbh it was nothing spectacular. I liked the main character’s story and motivation, but he himself was shallow and meh.


Yeah John was one of those typical white-hero archetype characters.


I don’t care about that. I mean, he’s so shallow the whole time. The most emotion he ever shows is when screaming cheesy death lines or yelling in pain. He has no substance. He’s a husk.

Which may be justified, his wife just died, maybe that’s just him, but it’s not too great to watch.


Looooove this film but then I am a Keanu fan


It was nice to see Keanu in something that isn’t awful finally, as I like him, but it was just sort of forgettable to me. It was just fine. I’m actually not sure why it has such a cult following at this point. i think there will be a sequel if I’m not mistaken.


Looking forward to the new Bill and Ted movie. Gonna be GR8.

Anyways, this movie was alright. I liked the sheer amount of killing. Also, hated the kid for killing the dog. Wanted to see him dead.


I loved the action in this movie.


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