Just wanted to send a shout out to all the monster player you guys rock


So after reading the kala story and all the talk of monsters being intelligent and what not I can’t help but be awed at how you guys have…evolved:D from when I started to now seeing the changes in play style to adapt to new hunters, bug, and patch changes its been awesome I love hunting every single one of you! You guys rock! Keep up the good work


Yeah! Team Monster High Five!

Let’s eat those jerks, am I right? :smiley:


Lol well I play hunter mostly I’m a horrible monster but without you guys I’d have nothinges to hunt so much love:)


You could just hunt what everyone would be okay with, mammoth birds!


I’d hunt those cunt nuggets to extinction!!!


I play monster! (badly)

I did have one guy tell me that I was the most fun monster he ever played against. I thought that was pretty cool. I beat him but he said I was so much fun to battle that he didn’t care.

He also told me I was good and I laughed.


That’s quite an interesting insult right there :joy:


I think it’s fitting:D


Yes indeed, you monster players rock throw :DDD


Yay I won an award!


No man you rock :wink: .


Monster High (five)! :smile: and U2 rock! Totally! :slightly_smiling:


Really though!


Yeah! Kraken rocks!


Monster fives all around! Eat people! Kill mammoth birds! We’re the real heroes!


Anyone who kills mammoth birds is a hero in my book


*Anyone Who Fries it, shoots it, Chucks a Rock at it, missiles it, AND damage amps it is a hero in my book


Ha! I’m totally playing Cabot just to dmg amp a mammoth bird:D


Always start with your meds!


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