Just wanted to say thank you TRS


Thank you Turtle Rock Studios for a new and fun game. I know this game gets a lot of hate from both hunters and monsters about balancing since it is a competitive game, so I just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work. I would like to see this game continue with fixes to connection issues, new content and perhaps even an Evolve 2!!! Anyone else wanting to express their gratitude for TRS can do so on this. My favorite part about this game is just the whole concept of 4 coordinated hunters VS 1 powerful monster. What do you guys love about this game?


Welcome to the forums. :slightly_smiling:

Glad to see someone new sign up who loves the game as much as we do.

Everything. From the giant monsters and team based gameplay, right to the community.


We need more people like you. :smiley:


Can I hug you?

My favorite part of the game has to be the (ironically enough) stress and thrill of the hunt. I love hunting down the monster (or hunting down the hunters) and keeping my team-mates alive. Seeing full bars of health on everyone in a vicious fight or popping a heal burst at the exact right second and saving someone from certain death is awesome! Being able to successfully stump a Laz is one of my favorite parts of being a monster. Haha

The concept of a 4v1 is awesome as well. Nothing like it!


I want to give TRS a huge thank you for putting so MUCH work into this game!!

What I first noticed from day one was how actived the devs were on all social medias, why would they do that? Because they care about the commmunity, they care about their awesome game, they put their heart and soul into this and for that, the community is grateful.

I will never get tired of saying this, I love this game, I love TRS and I love this community :blush:



You will never leave HAHAH

We need more people like you!
Make the world and community filled with joy!


Played this game more than anything else in past year,got my monies worth that’s for sure!

For all the bugs with it at this point I see through them and just think Evolve your sending me barking mad but i love ya kida




Your new title! :laughing:


I had nothing to do with that… At all…


Welcome to our little community mate. See you around in two weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome, and glad to see you enjoy the game!

The rest of us love TRS too :smiley_cat:


Even though everyone hates on this game for being repetitive, you guys were brave enough to repeat something new. And you know what that makes you? Better than Call of Duty.

Anyway, while I have burned out of Evolve for now, many people have simply bailed due to the lack of patient people in the community to fill servers. I’ve waited in the brush for 3 minutes as a wraith, just waiting for the hunters to leave so I could evolve. Most people would just say, “Screw it” and try to stage 2 them. I don’t get really bored when I’m running after the monster, mainly because I know that it’s the smart way to play. Everyone complains about the game being too much about running, but Arena cancels that out. I love the thrill of the hunt, and this game does a great job with it’s hunting mechanics.

I love this game, but I can’t help but feel like an Evolve 2 is going to get flakked into the ground. Unless the community is full of silent supporters, this may be the only Evolve we get… :cry:


Don’t get me wrong, you guys did a great job.


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