Just wanted to drop by and say hi to everyone and thank you to TRS!


Hope you’re having a great weekend and thank you to TRS for being so cool and all the work they’re continuing to do despite recent revelations.

Special love out to @Shaners and @LadieAuPair our lovely mascots! @ToiletWraith I still got my eyes on you Zayday Williams.

Lol my Title update post has really gotten so many replies hasn’t it. :joy:

ps. what happen to @Jev? He’s like the brother I never wanted.


I love you Azmi

Screw you Azmi.

I’m everyone’s brother XD.

I had to change my name to Parham because of legal reasons. Too OP




Azmi right now be like.

What kind of legal reason?


I hope this is a prank. I really do.



Yeah, no. Not funny.


@azmi_Anuar I love the Kala tutorial you did, hope you’ll do an advance one or a twerking tutorial soon. :stuck_out_tongue:

off topic. Its funny how the character kinda looks a bit like you @Parham . :joy:


Welcome home, Azmi!


wait. those this mean Looks under couch cushions she’s back too?





Also Welcome Back Azmi

I actually did miss the weirdness in the community


I see you got my Steam message.


Cool story bruh!

Sorry to hear that, hope it worked out well.

Because you know…

It’s just a sweet dream, it should be gone as soon as you wake up. Just go back to sleep darling.

You’re right, its fucking hilarious.

I’m glad you liked it. Sadly I won’t be working on an advance tutorial for Kala my favorite twerking Kardashian as TRS has already made one for her.

I tried to do one for Rogue Val but abandoned it once I heard things were getting reworked in the game. I tried getting back to it when they announced that TU9 will be postponed until at least Summer but have since lost interest on the project. I’m thinking of abandoning it all together as there’s very little interest in the game anymore and there are other games I’m keeping my eyes on this year and will commit to.

what? is this an inside joke that I was left out on or something?

Thanks man!

What steam massage? I haven’t login into steam yet.


If the shoe fits >~>






Hai Torvald5ever.


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Why were you gone for that long? I have been reading through the forums a lot and have despised the people’s general opinion on Caira on the power ranking of the medics, saw that you weren’t in any of them. Thought you died or something.