Just want to thank People happy to help Noob's


I do be disappointed when I lose against teams I really should have won against, Hence the constant Posts, I post not as a plea for help (help sounds needy), but for Ideas on how other people do things when they play the game, If people dont like what I post at times well ye really dont need to comment, But in saying this I hope people comment, It makes the game more interesting and allows you to try new things If you just happen to read through posted comments and topics,

I am greatful for any advice I get, I’m sure people that comment enjoy the game just as much as I do, When Just started playing at christmas I was dyre, my first 2 macthes lasted less than 50 seconds, game started and I hadnt a clue what to do, so people buy the game and this happens, they hate it almost instantly and give up and stop playing, but its helpful advice that keeps you interested as a Noob, plus you need to be stubborn, I just got used to losing but now I would lose maybe 1 in 5 game on average when I play a few games, at times I get a bad stint and lose alot, but either way its fun,

So as a noob Just want to make people aware that a bit of help with this game is appreciated by alot of people I would think as the game is Unique, So Cheers


Noobs just need to learn a lot and people don’t want to help them.

Unfortunately Evolve has a learning curve, and it’s not like any war-fps shooter where you can jump in and play.

I’m still a noob monster XD.

The best advice I can give is: when there are 2 hunters standing with 1 (or 2) incapped, the last 2 should split up. If you main monster: Don’t do the cheap shit that gets an easy win. You can make a lot of people leave the game that way, especially if they are new.

(I do get a little salty when people post "welcome to the forums" just because it is irrelevant to the OP. Plus I didn't get one when I joined.)


I’ve noticed how much inexperienced I am still since I’ve played more in quick play than Hunt 2.0 Bronze. I play with or against people who clearly have skill and shows I still have a lot to learn.

I’ve got chased down as Goliath and the Hunter team was good, trapper domed me with no loop or some form of mitigation. Managed to evolve to stage 3, however they domed me again with no room for mitigation. Another evolve to stage 3 and I managed to keep what little health I had left and armor up. So when I went to attack them I find myself against roaching Hunters. That’s when Ive learned I can’t keep combing my abilities, but actually is better to focus one and keep meleeing and when the opportunity arises I use an ability.

Just gotta keep playing till its all natural.


I actually like helping people and telling them they did pretty good to keep them from quiting the game. But here’s my advice:

If you are Lazarus, DO NOT revive people normally so they don’t get a strike. This happens too often to me :tired_face:


Evolve has a steep learning curve, unless you play around in solo a bit to learn some of the basics. But even then jumping online with people and against a person controlled Monster is completely different. So in order to keep everyone happy, it is best for us to help the newer players and not get mad at them, because, really, we were all in their shoes at one time.


Omg some of the best/funniest games were in the closed alpha. No one had any fucking clue what to do. I was gonna lose a match at stage three, and the hunters followed me around the map (instead of waiting at relay) enough so, that I was able go back to the relay 3 different times to finish it off.

I was running my ass off terrified trying to figure out how to drive this crazy thing, bouncing off walls, learning not to fuck with sloths w/o armour the hard way, and they were doing their damndest to kill a giant monster, jumping into walls with no jetpack and sliding off, finding every damn plant, poison hound, and toad on the way to me. Looking back on it, I laugh so damn hard.


Sadly I didn’t play back at that time, as I didn’t have my Xbox One at the time, but I remember making a lot of those mistakes when I did start playing. My first match I played was a solo hunt against a Goliath. (Sort of the only thing I had available at the time) I remember it went so badly, I was mashing the Jetpack button trying to get away, shooting it, hoping it would kill it. Then the first time I saw a Mega Mouth grab me actually scared me. In some aspects, some of it hasn’t changed. I still suck at, and despise Nest.


we do be all in those shoes, plus by not helping new players get used to the game you are indirectly harming the game you enjoy playing so much, if people dont learn how to play through forums they will leave the game and not bother at all,


I am only playing since christmas, but one match I had against maggie and daisy and it was one of the first maybe 10 times or so i played against maggie, I couldnt figure a way around daisy, it was just straight to ya, So got as far as stage 3 didnt evolve and I had the hunters following me think I was stage 2, so on the DAM I got them the oppsite end of the map to the reactor, ran as fast as possible to the reactor using Goliath and evolved at the reactor to stage 3, destroyed it before they even got close :slightly_smiling: That was probably one of my easiest and most fun match near the beginning because I won, I got screwed in pretty much every other game I had played at the time


This is why I typically try to take medic


everyone seems to like going for medic, But I was so much time if the medic is Laz, I won a game yesterday that was quite tight because I chased the little fucker so much, I changed tactics then, based on advice I picked up in the forums and just matched up tips that worked, I managed to go all out then I killed assault, then support I think and gaurded them from laz, when I wasnt getting shot at I could eat so I ate assault, if you dont think you will make both bars try make 1 and dont stop unless shot at, so it was just laz then left after a while and the others came down after 2 minutes, I didnt waste time just went for it killed assault again, then laz revived him while I took out support, but he tried plying away I hit him directly with a rock through and flames he was done, ate them both then killed trapper and made sure I ate him to, The match ended with laz on a high shelf shooting down to stop me destroying the reactor wasting time,he shot me I responed with a Rock throw which in turn gave me a couple of smack on the reactor again before being shot by laz again, it went back and forth until I won, I wasted so much time though chasing laz to have him go invisible, I had half may armor left and not even half a little life bar, whereas If I had just killed to others from the beginning I would have had time to weight out laz and kill him, but couldnt afford to risk them coming back after the next 2 minutes as I was in critical shape :slightly_smiling:

Just a thought though, assault might be 1 to go for, If its emet hes a pain in the ass but typically i do go for medic since so many do, but looking back I get killed so many times for going for medic because I leave assault alive and he causes so much damage, Even go for assault, make him turn on armor then go for support or medic until his armor is down and assault dies fast after that, Just a thought to help change things up a bit, but so many people advise to go for medic, maybe because it seems like the most logical choice but its not always the easiest choice.


I’ve also learned not to try for skins during a match, it’s best to try and get friends to help…which are far and few now.


this happens a lot even if you shout on your mic not to, but the funniest thing happened someone died and he used the glove gasp then someone got down and he did it normally I was like god dammit I thought you knew


I hear you. And I love giving out pointers when in a game with newbies. If they’re willing to learn, I don’t even care how that match goes because it’s fun teaching someone the ropes. The frustrating part is I come across people in pubs so often that are obviously new and haven’t any clue what they’re doing, but DON’T WEAR A MIC!!! And they obviously aren’t listening to the voice that’s giving them suggestions like, “medic, our whole team is just about dead, could we get some heals please?” Or “hey trapper, you’re heading the opposite way of the birds bud. This way dude”. (Proceeds to drop dome over 300 metres away from monster and leave it up). 0.o

If people are willing to make an attempt to learn, I don’t care how many matches in a day I have to throw down the drain.


I love seeing noobs and am happy to help them. Unless they are playing ranked with me and have clearly never played their chosen class before.

If there are no seemingly permanent consequences then I am happy to help.


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