Just want to know


I just want to know what monster you use to counter a good Hank/Val combo. It has been so long since I faced one and I am having a tiny bit of trouble with those teams.


Hank/Val isn’t a hard counter. What I would suggest is that you rephrase to what combo for each monster instead, also because you don’t know what they pick until after you choose monster anyway :slight_smile:


As stated above, you just don’t know. You can make an educated guess, but nothing more. I’m by no means an MLG Pro or whatever, but this is what I’ve picked up to get around Hank specifically. But it should work with a Hank and Val together.

Anyway, with Wraithy Wraith I’d suggest: Abduction, Decoy, Super Nova. Use abduction to separate them and Decoy to put an AI wraith focused on someone. During the chaos, pin Val down in a corner with Super Nova. By the time you land the first hit, Decoy will vanish so I’d advise you to be very quick.

With Behemoth: Tongue Grab, Rock Wall, Fissure. Tongue Grab Val or Hank (depending on who is closest) so that they are in front of you. Rock Wall to separate them (so there are no blue or green beams!) and then go to town. Hank will go invisible, so watch for that. Val will heal-burst. Fissure should give them a good knock-back. If you have it, TG again. If not, just roll to them and finish the job. Be quick!

With Gorgon: Spider Trap, Web Snare, Acid. Lay down a Spider Trap. They’ll target it. Then use a Web Snare on either (or both) Val and Hank. This’ll slow them down and hinder their jetpack. After chosing your focus, acid spray and melee. Try and corner them. When the Spider gets destroyed, throw another one out.

With Goliath: Rock Throw, Fire Breath, Leap Smash. Now you can use these in any order you want. Rock Throw takes a second and some aim, but it’ll do a TON of damage and do some vicious knock-back. Try using that on Hank if he starts to shield. If you try on Val, make sure that they are out of LOS. A good shield can turn a good Rock Throw into disappointment. But the knock-back still carries so it’s your choice. Anyway, Leap Smash will take you straight to them and do some damage/knock back. Use this to get near/finish one off. If Hank goes invis, use Fire Breath to reveal and damage him. Cloaked people get shown when on fire!



You need to abduct either hank or Val, quickly warp blast, then super nova for the kill. Or you can do the opposite, do SN first, then Abduct, then Blast, for more damage… Best way is to separate them…


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