Just vs. someone with the flying wraith technique


Now i don’t want this nerfed perse, i think it’s god damn fair though if i shot them with 6 Griffin harpoons then she should hit the god damn ground.


You landed six harpoons on a SkyWraith?

You, sir, are a god. Or an aimbot, either one. :wink:

Try and time the poons so they cut her warps. She won’t be able to gain enough height because harpoons slice the warps in half, and she’ll go down.


I was hitting you with harpoons in the air. But they didn’t do anything to you. :cry:


They did. If you hadn’t hit them I would’ve been untouchable. Made it very difficult for me to stay airborne.


Well, I’m glad they weren’t useless then. ^.^


What, you can’t, Midnight? :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, nothing is more satisfying than snatching a Wraith before… well, anything, really. Interrupting anything Wraith does is a hell of a good feeling, gj OP! I’m sure that Wraith was fuming at you :smiley:


He killed the shit out of me :frowning:


Typical Wraith courting rituals. He just liked you. :slight_smile:


Let me fix that typo

“Typical Klingon courting rituals. He just liked you. :)”


I honor you, 6 Harpoons on a ‘Sky Wraith’?!?!? Nice job!


Jump up in the air and when you’re falling, harpoon the monster. I’ve never tried it myself, but I hear it gives you a little extra pull on them.


Played a flying Wraith once, is it normal for it when its coming down for it to stay stationary? Because thats what happened and we basically blasted the thing of the sky as it was failing, easy win.


No, that skywraith was bad. Wraith only stays stationary in midair while holding the Abduction button.

My guess is they didn’t have CDR perk or Traversal perk and they were trying to extend their airtime by using the slow-mo fall of abduction. Poor choice = sitting wraith-duck.