Just stomped a pro Wraith tonight, was enlightening


Day 1 was Lazarus, Abe, Bucket, and Hyde (myself). After ~5 minutes of chasing, we said ‘fuck it’, and set up camp at the Relay. The Monster took his sweet time, and when he finally arrived, he was greeted by a veritable wall of pain; sentries, stasis grenades, poison bombs, and weak points :smiling_imp:

He took ~25 minutes due to the timer pausing so often, trying in vain to throw out Decoys for damage and abduct from the opposite side. He managed to kill Lazarus half-way through, but ate a full Minigun to the face for his trouble (double damage headshots add up quickly).

Day 2 was Nest, easy win. Day 3 Hunt again, the lineup was Caira, Abe, Cabot, Parnell (me). Cabot player was his first time with the character, so we spent much of the match Dust Tagging critters and seeing how many different rocks he could shoot through :expressionless: On the few occasions where Wraith was trapped and tried to fight, Damage Amp + Super Solider bordered on obscene; his armor melted away in seconds. We ultimately won when he ran out the clock, still at Stage 2.

What I took away from this is when facing Wraith; if Hunters are anything less than ‘extremely coordinated’, a mid-range player will wipe the floor with them. Whereas with other Monsters, Hunters don’t have to be on top of their game for the duration, and can still etch out a win against an evenly skilled Goliath/Kraken.


And hence, Wraith is not OP. A little annoying and kind of over the top, but not broken. Thank you, @Immortal_D.


And how much rocks Cabot can shoot through?


All of the stalactites, most wall-gates, and 2 full boulders b/c one was actually a Megamouth.

@MidnightMonash I’d say more than a little over the top. The level of coordination required to take on a decent Wraith player is incredibly high. If you’re lucky, you’ll get that maybe once every twenty or so pugs.

  1. Games taking ~25 minutes is one the problems with Wraith

  2. Yes Hunters with deployables camping the relay is the best stratagy dealing with Wraiths.

3)Yes, Wraith is squishy but players who understand the monster will kite you to the end of the world, making hunting Wraith a waste of time.

  1. She is still the only monster that can spread cancer to other players


I think it’s something like infinite/ludicrous amount of range until the shot hits the first wall/object, and then X amount of meters after that while it continues to pass through everything for that distance. I’m not sure, though, I think I heard that on a stream.


You say problem, I say asset. I love fighting against wraith because the draw out cat and mouse is some of the most intense fun I’ve felt in this game. Most people like full on monster brawling and fighting, and faced with a monster who’s designed to avoid fights, get frustrated. Whether or not she’s properly balanced at the moment is kind of up to debate, but if your attitude is “a monster that kites is a waste of time” then that’s a lot more of an issue than however OP she may be.


Camping the relay is how i play against Wraiths. Don’t chase it, you’re playing to its strength. Let it come to you instead. Works, but boring.


As a top 200 Goliath player, I can kite the beans out of hunters in domes and in the field. The art of kiting is what separates great monsters from the rest, and is a core mechanic to playing the monster. The issue with wraith is her tool set makes kiting extremely simple and effective. Wraith is the only monster that, when played correctly gives zero opportunities for hunters to damage her. Her inate ability to escape domes that are deployed right on top of her with transversals. Combined with her decoy and transversals, even domed there are almost no chances to damage her, if there are, they are way too small. I know that many tracking methods like spikes Cabot dust uav etc etc have been suggested, these methods are false. Decoy invis temporally purges these debuffs ( again, more bs that needs to be fixed) once decoy wears off, low and behold, wraith will be behind obstacles or highground, cool downs for transversals and decoy close to 50 percent, ready to repeat the kiting cycle until the dome ends with little damage taken. This is what makes many hunters like me vent in frustration over this monster.

As a top 200 Goliath when domed at stage one with full armor (against skilled hunters not cursed by RNJesus this will usually happen, unless of course against Abe, who is not a great pick for hunt btw) I jump around, get control of the highground or put obstacles and hostile whildlife between me and the hunters, all while getting shot at, being exposed for hunters abilities and fighting the hunters for superior positioning while trading damage. Wraith is the only monster that rejects this encounter complely, and I don’t care how they fix it, but I don’t want to chase ghosts, I want to play Evolve.


Agreeing with your points. As I said earlier while I have fun playing against wraith, I’m personally undecided on whether or not she’s overpowered, she probably does need some tweaking. She’s definitely too effective with her kiting at the moment. Personally I think decoy invis should still temporarily purge the debuffs, since the entire point is to be invisible, but to counter that she should be more crippled when she’s invisible. Like, moving way way way slower, or something like that.

What I was specifically replying to you was you saying that Wraith being able to kite makes hunting Wraith a waste of time, I’ve just spoken to a lot of people who think that anything except for a straight up RAWR MONSTER PUNCH BRAWL is broken and unfun.


But that is it. Many groups have trouble catching the Wraith and doing enough damage to stick through perks and evolves, so it then turns into a Monster brawl anyway, just at Stage 3 and on the Wraiths terms.


I should mention that during Day 3, Caira was MVP. He chose ‘Extended Magazine’ perk, would fire off a single Napalm at the start of the engagement to maintain visibility, then spam Healing and use Acceleration Field about half-way through. During the first Hunt, Bucket was the man of the hour. We found a high ledge and made a fortress around his Sentry Guns, always fighting just below or in front of them. Damage Increase perk on Sentries is hilarious.


They key beyond people setting these sorts of strategies up is then getting everyone on the same page to try to draw the Monster (plus have the skill to do so) towards the defended areas. So many people I see in matches just run around everywhere, ignoring the sentries or a grouping of mines instead of working to pull the monster too them. Aggravating.


Perfect example of why wraith isn’t OP, but also why it isn’t necessarily any fun to play against.


Iunno… I love fighting Wraith. You know… when she actually FIGHTS :stuck_out_tongue:

We haven’t had too much trouble with Wraiths recently, though we are a premade group with quite a bit of XP fighting her. If I had to give out any tips, I’d likely say that you NEED to stay on her tail. I mean, almost recklessly. It’s easy with an Abe, not so much with folks like Maggie (Though Daisy is a huge help in almost any situation)

If you dome her, get aggressive. Assault NEEDS to get in her face, if she’s running from you, she’s not wailing on the Medic. You may go a dome without doing much HP damage, but if you walked out w/o a strike, that’s still a win.

Easier to do as Markov, since you can ‘accidentally’ drop some of your mines just beyond a ledge for Wraith to run into as she makes her laps around the dome. (If you have a Cabot, his only job when she starts moving near those mines is to run Dmg Amp. If she walks over those mines with that running… Lets just say many Wraith wins are because they gave up when they went from full HP and Armor to half HP in mere seconds.), but not impossible to do as Parnell/Hyde. Hyde makes it easy to track where she is during Decoy (She’ll blink in and out of invis as she burns, showing her path. Gas grenade in the Supernova isn’t a bad idea, either. Allies should be boosting out anyways, which isn’t affected by the slow) and Parnell can really give her something to watch out for (Any uptime with Super Solider is not a good thing for Wraith O.o)

Still, she’s an elusive one alright, which in of itself is fine. The fact that most Wraith matches end up being ‘Whittle her down sliver by sliver for 20 minutes then off her at the relay’, however, gets a bit tedious. I suppose that’s the sweet spot though… be Elusive enough to still have an effective health pool, but not so much that we play ‘Follow the Decoy’ for 20+ mins.


Cabots railgun shot will travel 40 meters before disapearing after it hits a solid surface. It will also deal less damage but I forget by how much exactly.


this is not the point to play this game
wraith need serious changes…

This explain everything - a boring game…


If the goal of Wraith, was to make a squishy assassin that is hard to catch, then I think they succeeded.

Wraith does die very fast, and has huge issues with attacking defended locations…

Which to me is an issue on both sides. What if everyone just gives up when fighting Wraith and waits at the power core, and become so good at it that Wraith starts having a win ratio of like 20%?

It’s possible, Wraith really sucks at attacking defended locations, and then Wraith players will be complaining about how impossible it is to win as Wraith.

I think this Monster does need a little bit of a rework, but I also think some Hunters do too (like the hunter that can revive completely dead players that are now spectating instantly while cloaked)