Just spent an hour trying to play


My 2 brothers and I just spent about an hour trying to play on Xbox One.
Searching forever.

Finally find a game but it loads the Random in as the Monster even though there is a slot open on the Hunter team so of course he quits and the game loads AI Hank and an AI Kraken.
Having fun hunting the monster and a player takes over Hank and the Kraken. We find the Monster at Stage 1 and dome it. Dip deep into his health pool. Arena drops, he runs, he evolves but I find him mid change and we whomp him so his health goes back to where it was before he evolved. Caira does the speed boost, we catch up and dome him. He flies on top of something tall and quits which messes the game up and now no one can shoot and then we all get disconnected. The 2K servers are down according to my game. We all quit and one of my brothers restarts his console.

Searching, find a game, connection to host has failed.
My brothers give up and now I have no one left to struggle to find a game with.

I thought a patch for stability was supposed to happen last week? I am not one of the people that is going to cry for a refund. I don’t want a refund. I love this game. I never joined a forum for a game before. I never watched hours of gameplay for a game before. I never wanted to learn the Ins and Outs for every single character in a game before. But at a certain point (the point where you spend 60 and 75 minutes trying to play) I wonder why after 2 weeks I am still struggling to get in a game. It seems like as time passes I have more and more trouble getting into a game. More effort than the Beta even.

Is there any news on a patch? I don’t even care about balance. I just want to not waste an hour after I get off work to play 1* game. I am not a game developer by any means but 2 weeks seems like enough time to give us some kind of news or information on what is causing these problems.

I respect TRS and love Evolve! I am sorry this was so long. It was half trying to be detailed in my problem and half me venting because I have nothing to do since I can’t find a game.


Hold tight, I think a patch is coming this week.(if I’m not wrong)


I heard about a balance patch coming and them announcing it on the live stream but nothing concrete about Stability though. But thanks for the info!