Just some thoughts for the monsters: Passive Evolutions

So like it says, I’ve been rolling some thoughts around in my head that could give the monsters a bit more to there arsenal of threats. Most of these thoughts have sprung up due to the T4 Hunters and the lore of the game. Ideally the monsters only reason to evolve is because of the Hunters showing up, it’s even mentioned in the in-game dialogue. So way is it then that the only evolution for the monsters is just bigger and stronger? Why don’t the monsters evolve in other ways?

So those and a few other questions in mind I started working on some possible answers, aka Passive evolutions.

Lets start with Slim or more specifically his Spore Launcher. Any monster player knows that it is annonying and can be avoid…if you out in the open and have room to move. But what if your stuck in a cave or there isn’t a lot of room to easily move around. Or you get those supports that use there cloaks the right way to run away, yes you can follow footprints but if the support knows what they are doing you wont be following them for long. Well I thought of a answer “Secondary Sight”, basically it is what it sounds like. Each of the Monsters would have a passive sight that extends out to a set range from the monster. Anything within line of sight of the monster that is in this range will be visible to the monster. NOW BEFORE ANYONE GOES OFF AND SAYS THAT IS A STUPID IDEA AND BLAH BLAH. In order for the monster to get this passive they would have to spend one of there three evolution points to get it, leaving them with just two points for skills. As for what it would look like, each monster would be different. Goliath would be thermal vision, not fully but only enough for him to see body heat from hunters and animals. Kraken would be bioelectric fields, kind of like a aura around the body, typically from the Hunters this would be from there gear. Wraith would be a sonar pulse. And Behemoth could be either thermal as well or more like picking up vibrations along the ground.

Now granted this is just one of many thoughts I’m working through and I’ll post others as I finish working them out but I’d like to hear what others think on this.


I think it would be cool that you gained characteristics of the creatues you eat. Eat lots of Mammoth birds, gain more health/damage. Eat more Armadons, gain more armor/damage reduction. Eat lots of reavers, gain speed… etc… However, that would also be a very different feel of a game.


Different yes but it would fit well with the lore for the monsters. From what is seen the Monsters only really started evolving bigger and meaner when the Hunters showed up. So who can really say what they can’t do when evolving if there evolution is meant to respond to threats?

I feel that dealing with threats was by creating a new form of life. For instance, Goliath’s are the main fighters. Once they realized they had lots of strong ground based defenses Kraken was born. Once they had prevision strikes the Wraith rolls out. I feel that the Monsters are too specialized to be generic defenses against threats. They each fit a military roll, artillery, spec ops, front line etc…



I would agree expect for the map wraith trap. this map throw a little confusion into that. Did they manage to catch the wraith shortly after the Hunters arrived or was it there before hand? Caira even says to Cabot on that map that they couldn’t have built that device in a short time, don’t quote me on that cause it’s been a while since I heard it in game.

I feel that all of the monsters have been there since there first attack but only grew in number as they feed on the planet and again when the Hunters arrived.

Well, we know that the monsters have been around for a few years. I feel that in order to combat humans, these iterations emerged as the means to wipe them out due to combat on Factor, the Ajax and other various human outposts. We know that the Wraith in Wraith trap has been around for a while. So I mean to say that the ‘versions’ of the monsters have already been established before hitting Shear.


If there is some higher “Being” that is in control of the monsters then it would make some degree of sense that it would want the monsters to continue to grow and get more deadlier. Hence there current evolution of getting bigger and stronger. But when that starts to fail and the monsters start to fall to a small band of humans…what then?

Evolution. Breed a new type of soldier/warrior/monster :slight_smile:

That is a option :smile:

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I’ll revert back to my post; the monsters will evolve until they are capable of destroying all in their path. So what do you get when the hunters are tearing through stage 3 Goliaths?

A stage 4. BUH BUH BWUAAAAH!!!

But is that Stage 4 better then the stage 3? If physically so then it too would eventually share the fate of the stage 3 but if the stage 4 had a few other tricks up it’s scales then… :sunglasses:

Stage 4 Goliath doesn’t throw rocks. He throws Trucks.

So your telling me…instead of magically pulling rocks out of metal and buildings…HE WILL MAGICALLY PULL OUT TRUCKS FROM THE GROUND AND BUILDINGS

Passive Evolution 2

Heavy damage mitigation or “Armor Support”, working on the name.

This evolution would only…ONLY come into effect when the monster has armor. What this one would involve is augmenting the armor to provide better protection.

Goliath/Behemoth would be the simplest and gain increased damage resistance, not much mind you but a little.
Kraken could gain something along the lines of a shield, NOT like the ones the hunters use but more on the lines of like deflecting a small percentage of incoming damage.
Wraith, much like the kraken, would mitigate damage by using it’s warping skills and create small warp fields around it that would cause attacks to seemingly pass through the wraith.

Now again these passives would only work when the Monsters have armor.

And he will do WHATEVER it takes, to get you in this car.

Goliath; “This truck as great gas mileage.”
Hunter: “Really? It looks kind of old and beat up.”
Goliath: “That’s to fool people so that they don’t copy it.”
Hunter: “If you say so.” Gets in
Goliath: “Now then just buckle up and you’ll see first hand.”
Hunter: “Hey…this truck doesn’t even start. What kind of trick are yoAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!”
Goliath: Watches truck fly through the air, “Another satisfied customer.”


It was stated that they only evolve because the hunters showed up?

Passive Evolution 3

“Skill augmenting”

What this would imply is spending one point to change the qualities of a single skill. This one I know would be easy to exploit and use on every skill at least once. SO it would be a single use evolution for a single skill. The effect it gives to the skill would depend on the monster and the skill.

Examples: Goliath fire breath would gain more damage, represented by different color flame, and has a longer residual burn on what it hits.
Wraith’s abduction would cause a small blast when it hits a target, damaging and knocking back others caught in the blast.
Kraken’s banshee mines would split into two smaller mines when shoot by hunters that do reduced damage.
Behemoth’s lava bomb would gain more splash damage, mainly by the fire orbs erupting when anything comes close to them releasing smaller orbs that spread the AOE farther.


Hence why I’ve thought these up. It doesn’t completely seem logically that the only course of evolution for the monsters is to simple get bigger. Stage 3 monsters still fall to Hunters and there abilites almost as easily as stage 1 or 2.