Just so we're clear: Behemoth is being forced to fight at Stage 1?


Now that Behemoth’s traversal stamina has been nerfed, I’ve noticed that it’s nigh-impossible to win or to reach Stage 2 without fighting the hunters in Stage 1. A good hunter team nearly always finds the monster in Stage 1. The Behemoth is forced to fight because he can’t traverse fast enough to escape a competent Trapper, and can’t move fast enough to avoid confrontation within a dome.

Compared to other Monsters
Fighting full-bore at Stage 1 is a rookie mistake with all the other monsters. Behemoth fares better at Stage 1, but not well enough to be the exception. I’ve managed a few Stage 1 victories, but only by coaxing Hunters into caves and going all-out, with the damage bonus perk equipped.

Developer’s intention?
I’m pointing this out because it’s a paradigm shift in how to play Monster, and I’m not sure it’s what the Devs intended. Do the Devs really want a Monster that is forced to clinch the game in Stage 1? Do they imagine that there is any other way to play Behemoth right now?

I’d like for the nerf on Behemoth’s traversal to be reversed, so that it’s possible to reach Stage 2 without a pitched battle.


Nerfed how? Does it run out faster?


Yeah, every time you engage traversal now you instantly lose a chunk (about 10%) of your stamina.


It should be balanced out eventually. They had to nerf it, because people were using it to spam melee attacks.


The heavy melee attack is already uncoupled from traversal though. There is a timer on it now, so spamming is impossible and nerfing traversal is unnecessary. (It wouldn’t have been an appropriate solution anyway.)


personnally only 50% do i get caught at stage 1 with behemoth, what i do is to go on the part of the map where they are mammoth birds, snack on them till you can evolve and voila


maybe bob should keep the nerf but get a buff in stamina while rolling, not the initiation. so he uses less doing the rolling continuously, but more when stopping and starting. also, slowing effects don’t apply to the other monster’s stamina moves, so idk why it affects behemoth’s.


Even if heavy melee is on cooldown people could have still spammed attacks faster than normal melee attacks on roll+attack, so I see where the devs are coming from.


@GentlemanSquirl has said in another thread that their intention for the game is that there’s a high likelihood of fights at all three stages of a monster’s evolution, they don’t necessarily want it so that it’s easy to level up without being in a fight first, if I’ve read him correctly.


I can understand that, but they should see that the Behemoth has no option but to go for the jugular when he’s domed, in most cases. He has to down one or two hunters just to keep from dying, and by that point he’s already lost a lot of health usually, so it’s better to go for a win than it is to escape.


This implies that the game is heavily favored towards the hunters. Hunters don’t want to fight at stage 3, and can easily avoid it if they engage the monster early. If they are making it so monsters can never avoid a stage 1 fight, when they are heavily disadvantaged, then the design team is basically just about handing the victory (or at the least, incredibly favorable conditions) to the hunters.


He also said that he knows the mechanics need to change to make stage 1 fights more viable.


Right?! And then add in the fact that it’s super easy to hit a rolling Behemoth.


Behemoth at stage 1, with full armour, is in a perfectly good spot right now I feel…as long as he isn’t trying to hide all the time since that just make him a target for DPS.

And you know it’s always worth remembering as a monster that in general you can lose 50% of your health and as long as you can get away evolve and armour up again you’re essentially in the drivers seat. Things can look very dire after a stage 1 engagement, but two evolutions later and you’re vastly stronger than you were at the beginning of the game.

Naturally this is easier said than done, and as a poor monster myself I know just how hard it is to get away from hunters after that first dome and the issues various abilities and weapons cause, but stage 1 fights that appear to go bad are only really as bad as you let them be if you can get away.


Chalk and cheese, the way behemoth moves cannot be compared to other monsters and have a "X doesn’t so Y shouldn’t " argument applied to it. Besides, slow does affect Kraken’s traversal ability which is flight (duration of).

edit: In theory, that is, because I know that I’m not seeing Kraken affected by slows in any meaningful sense right now.


I agree. Stage 1 Behemoth seems ok. Of course, I try to end the game at stage 1 because I’m never getting away again after the first dome.

Here are 3 fights I had this morning as a Stage 1 Behemoth, 3 points into lava bomb and 15% damage perk. Each game was 3 minutes or less.


If you’re having trouble fighting at stage 1, let me suggest to you how to combat that. Have 1 point in Lava Bomb, Tongue Grab, and Rock Wall. The game changing attacks are Tongue Grab and Lava Bomb. Tongue grab to snatch up that pesky hunter to finish them off and if you have a team that loves to camp on top of a pillar or rock, Lava Bomb that spot to force them off and bring the pain. Just make sure to watch your armor and health while fighting too.


To be honest i consider my team to be behind if we havent done any damage to the behemoth before s2.


B. has got the largest health pool, so losing a couple bars before each evolution isn’t that concerning to me.


So you have a few options to improve your game.

-Try traversal recharge/ movement speed/Dam Reduction as your perk.
-Feed at stage one where Behemoth has an advantage, corridors, caves, enclosed areas, then your AoE will devastate and control a stage 1 dome
-Feed/Fight near tougher wildlife like armadons, nomads, sloths or tyrants at stage 1 to have them give you a hand against the hunters in that first dome.

Remember, downing a hunter gives you 2 evolution bars too!

And yes, I do believe they made Behemoth to be a monster that is more than 50% of the time going to fight at stage one. More than any other monster. This is due to the massive health and armor he has. If you get stage 2 or 3 with no damage, you are way ahead of the hunters with more than a 60% or 70% win chance.