Just returned preorder


I was tricked it looked good almost done…this did it for me. February…February looks alot like gears of war judgement.no real talk from devs. Big let down… I’m out see me back in January.


You weren’t tricked. TRS are no more happy about this than us.


O really my king Kong friend


Yep. Really.


Actually I’d think it would give them a breather for more time. As I’ve said earlier I think the sting is in hyping us up then this getting out shortly after the alpha concludes.
But honestly man enough people will be doing the pre order canceled thing. You’re a drop in the ocean of pre orders, no need to let them know. I’m sure they know. I’m also sure at this point they may or may not have been expecting the announcement today.


Bro here’s the place to tell you did


That didn’t make sense.


To say you cancelled it …for them to know we aren’t happy and that it bat shit crazy


I still don’t understand what context you’re talking in.


What’s that going to do? It’s not like they’ll read this and go “Oh he’s cancelling the pre-order? That delay was a mistake, let’s push the date forward!”

I’m afraid that’s not how it works, and telling them that isn’t really going to affect them in any way.

I’m still keeping my pre-order though out of with respect I have for this game and the developers. It’s sad, I know, but these things happen. At least the game is still coming out, think about that!


The game looked good sooo something happend…I would love to know why


In the gaming industry delays are expected and mostly inevitable. The way I see it, this only allows them more time to polish off the game and deliver us a more complete and perfected first run. While the news of a delay may bring some disappointment, it should be said that anything worth while is worth waiting for.


this topic should be removed, it’s only going to bring more negativity and hurt us. New people that come are going to see this negativity and acquire the negativity.

Sure it sucks but oh well, deal with it. I’m still stoked for the game. I currently have ZERO interest in any other game so I’m pretty upset but whatever - life goes on!

Spread positive vibes not negative. Rejoice in the fact that the game will be better upon release which means higher player count which means higher staying power which means more chance for it to be epic e sport.


I wish. I wish delays this soon. Not good


People can … its about evolve is it not


I am actually quite happy about the push back, just shows how determined they are to make the game the best it can be, also because I still have football until November (which was when I was going to get it) but now I can get it day 1! Extremely happy.

And hey what if they throw in the 4th set of hunters and monsters for release, that would be pretty cool :smile:


I assure you that as a gamer of almost my entire life, this is indicative of literally nothing.

Them changing the date isn’t a declaration of anything.


I was actually a little happy about this, because it actually gives me time to 1) save my money so I can pre-order, and 2) I can get through my first semester with one less distraction. Unfortunately, my second semester is going to be a different story now, it seems…


LoL Gears of War 3 was also delayed, you should think about how Gears of War 3 has been if Epic Games released it on April the orginal release day, probably turned to be a bad game.

And again TRS want Evolve to be a GOOD quality game that is very polished and balanced. So if TRS feels this game is not going to be finished in time then they have to delay the game.

And returning a pre-order just because a game got delayed does not make any sense IMO

But anyway YOU and everyone else does not want Evolve to get the same faith as Battlefield 4 so be patience :wink:


such conspiracy

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