Just realized something weird


For those of you who have played Mirror’s Edge, compare the startup sequence of that game with Evolve’s.








Mirror’s Edge is such a great game, was playing out of nostalgia while nobody on my friends list was on playing Evolve.


I worry about the prequel that’s coming out though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same, I hope they don’t mess it up. I have heard, however, that it will be open world, and my god would that be a beautiful game. Just running around freely over rooftops.

Also, they desperately need to kill the forced combat in the first game- those were the worst parts. I’m cool with like taking out one guy and running, but the ones where you had to kill everybody felt slow and boring.


Didnt they cancel that tho?


Last I heard it was on.


Is the sequel a prequel? :open_mouth:


@ddlarnold @RobertOfPotatoland Man, this is late:

But no, they’re making ME2! It is a prequel, and it is going ahead last I heard.





Your only five days late


Better late than never, aye?


As evidenced by our punctuality in responding to the comments above us. :stuck_out_tongue:


There was actually an achievement for not killing anyone through the whole game that made it a little more interesting for me.


I think that was just for a level, or not using guns at all. Some parts basically forced you to take people out.


If I remember right there is a way to knock some one out instead of killing them. But I just ran my ass off through the whole game. Let me find the achievement and I’ll post the exact wording.


My bad, it says complete the game without shooting anyone. But I’m pretty sure you don’t have to kill them when using melee.


I guess it just “knocks them out” when you melee/counter.

It’s still annoying when you have to fight instead of just running, or like taking out one guy and keep on moving. The extended fights stink.