Just played Broken Hill Mine with Behemoth in SP


I just had the funniest game I have ever played in SP. I created a match with the Behemoth on Broken Hill Mine with me playing Sunny. Normally, most of my SP matches end too quickly with a maximum of 2 domes with the Monster being killed. Sometimes they are so quick I get no player progression at all. This match was very different. The game lasted quite a while with 5 domes created before we killed the Behemoth. I sure hope something they changed in the patch caused this and will affect the other maps. It was the most fun I have has playing this game. If balancing caused this, great job. The map was also great. We needed these two new maps.


What is SP?

Edit: oo singleplayer?


I’ve been having more contentious matches against the A.I. while trying out the new maps, and it isn’t just from not knowing my way around the maps; I’ve seen them played quite a bit and they aren’t all that big or difficult to figure out, they’re just so different from the previous maps - multi-levels, corridors, tall structures, narrow doorways. I’m not sure why people consider these maps bad for Monsters… Foundry has a crazy amount of paths and cutbacks and multiple levels to leap & climb between, you can knock Hunters far away from the others, and it’s tougher to navigate with your jetpack than the open outdoor maps. The Mine is a little tougher for more mobile Monsters ironically (but good for Behemoth/Wraith), there’s some potential for faking our your direction - it’s a bit like Wraith Trap with choke points. What they lack in wildlife they make up for with crates of food.


Yes, SP = Singleplayer.



Can’t wait to try these maps, 3 more hours


I consider both of the new maps to be heavily in favor of monster. Even the power relay fights too.


Foundry offers a lot of opportunities to split Hunters up onto multiple levels. Haven’t done a relay fight on mines yet, but it looks great for a Wraith.