Just played 40 matches as monster


First havnt touched the game in a week due to work but exited to try goliath and behemoth, my question is

is the T4 assult a little overpowered? cause he can melt damage from a distance like nothing

also i was using goliath, won every match with randoms and lost to well organized teams more than usual, usually its 50% win rate with good organized groups

but i swear my hp was disappearing and may i add, i was fighting in favorable FLAT closed spaced areas as any good goliath should and i swear i lost my armor in a few seconds on a caira, T4 assult, T4 support, and maggie group

soo yeah… is T4 assult the best one atm? cause its no fun losing when your armor disappears in a few seconds


Having Elite Torvo I can say that yes it doesn’t take long - especially if he has rank 3 fast switch, damage buff, or recharge equipped. I can toss a grenade and swap between rockets and shotgun rather fast. Down part is that the rockets require guess work on where the monster will go or they’ll miss a lot unless the monster isn’t moving around much. Shotgun will also eat your face at point blank due to auto-fire with one click.

Although if you had full armor then likely its Torvo + everyone else’s DPS. Best DPS is when the entire team is doing it instead of jumping around and hiding behind stuff.

Also I just hit elite on hyde and it works about the same. Against behemoth especially - shield + point blank minigun in the gut will eat through as well if the area is naded. I think I opted for damage iirc on a fight just now and behemoth went down pretty good. Although he got nervous alot and wasn’t too good with his tongue shot so everything plays a part. I think I was lucky that behemoth is a new monster (and can’t jump) or it wouldn’t have worked so well.


well that sucks, :frowning: and here i thought i would of had some fun with the T4 hunters, thnx i guess ill solo behemoth for a while until they fix everyone, i noticed it kinda sucked playing monster online when your armor and hp melt in a few seconds


It balances out to some extent. I didn’t mean to deter you from online play :frowning: I feel kinda bad.

Keep in mind that Torvo ripping armor depends on situation so don’t let a few bad match ups stop you completely. Its not like I win every match. I think its about 50/50 at the moment and just depends on how good the monster and teammates are.


just got to a game with 3 human players, randoms, i won, but it was a close call with the T4 assult :frowning: just realized with cabot, hes a monster lol