Just my idea. Evolve should have item system


I get it. This game needs more improvement but this is one of my idea to bring this game up to another level and increase variety.
What if dev introduce item system into the game? For example. Each character, hunters and monster, can hold up to 3 items which can use only in one game and discard after each game. Items are such HP potion, instant jetpack recharge, personal cloak, dmg resistance boost 50 percent for short period of time maybe, call in minions to assist in battle, call in another monster to help for 2 min, etc. Each item can be purchase by points which points can be obtained by play the matchmaking game only. Items can be purchased before the game start, ofc for hunters and monster. Idk if this will unbalance the game but it is just one of my idea to help increase the fun in this game. What do you guys think?


So turn it into a MOBA? I dunno, i feel like people that dont play a ton and dont have “points” would be ultimately outclassed by people that play a lot and it would cause a lot of frustration


While I like the creativity behind the idea, it would make the game extremely unbalanced and unfair, it just wouldn’t work out. The devs are spending a lot of time balancing everything, it would be perfect if everything had 50% win rate. With a system like this you will never be able to achieve that goal. It would basically mean that people who grind more, win more. That shouldn’t be the case.

I like the idea itself, but sorry, it just wouldn’t work out.


Thanks for your comment bro.


MOBA games don’t have this either. Okay, you can obtain points by playing matches and buy new charactars with it, which would give you a bigger character pool, but you can’t buy boosts to give you an advantage in the game itself, not with obtained points and not with real money. Would make it too unfair.


Doesnt league have like some sort of “inscriptions” or something? Its been a while since i last played


I don’t really want this for evolve. It works well in other games, but I don’t think it would in evolve.


You mean runes? Yea, that’s kinda like a small advantage, but basically everyone who is level 30 has a full page of them. You can’t buy singe-use items to give you some sort of boost in a match.


Ah right. Well i suppose not MOBAs, but i remember an arena style game that had this, just wish i could remember the name…


I agree that this isnt moba type of game. Just what if we actually have it. Single-use item might unbalance the game for a little, but we can make monster item better to compensate the disadvantages. As I said, this single -use item will be discarded after each game. It wont stack up in your inventory, plus its not permanent like “Golden Helmet: STR+3 AGI+2 HP+ 200 COOLDOWN -20%” or perks. Each item gives buff for short amount of time. I would say it might be more fun than what we have right now bacause items have to be used wisely to twist the game flow.


So buffs? Finding buffs in the game is bascially what you’re describing, elite wildlife give out certain advantages to the team that finds them, IE cooldown reduction, increase damage, smell range increase, etc


Im trying to say buffs like emergency item-like buffs that might be needed for that moment. As you see the idea i suggest above, i suggest the items such HP potion, 10 sec cloak, instant jetpack fuel, and others. Of course, single-use, and each lasts like 10sec to 1min max depends on particular use. Its just the idea. Lmk what you guys think. Me personally, i would love to try to play and see what will affect the game. Might be good, might be bad, idk


what you mean like world of warcraft something simailr like that


Never played warcraft but may be yes. Each item should be used in different circumstances. For example, if the whole team is down except one assault. Most likely, They will lose 100% because of monster’s pounce. But what if assault has personal cloak item? Game will definitely change. Assault can run away or may be use second item such HP potion to get ready for the last showdown if the airdrop wait is another 1min. The other way around, if monster has only 1 bar health left, most likely monster will lose, depends on monster player skill of course. But what if monster has HP potion to permently bring up one more hp bar and use second item(skill?) such “roar” to bring 2 minions into battle. These examples will definitely change the whole game. Atleast in my perspective.


Aaaaaaand say goodbye to balance! :wink: No, in all seriousness, even tiny modifiers would throw the balance out of whack.