Just made a Wraith rage quit


Got 13 bucket UAV darts stage 1.


You OP mother Bucker/(t) :wink: would have been the most annoying thing being constantly tracked like that…


gj, but why should a wraith care? run far away, evolve. repeat :slight_smile:


Can’t safely evolve if you’re constantly being tracked. I don’t think the Wraith was ever not tracked XD


depends where the hunters are i guess, when they are not so good you can safely evolve just by enough distance. you only need 2 creeps for armor, so you would be almost instantly ready for battle


I hope that Wraith got off whatever platform they were on, then stepped on a Lego.


Ouch! Nothing worse than that.

Oh except this. . .



What kind of Wraith gets caught that early anyway?


I totally agree with @Ryaneko. As the monster you can outdistance the hunters, especially as Wraith. I had hunters on me as Goliath once, and I just lept 3 times, one charge and one leap smash, ducked behind some cover and evolved. Before they caught up I was finished and moving on to grab some armor.


Nope. Lego can get stuck on your sole, drop down on the floor, bounce a bit just as you put your foot on it again and you step on the sharp corner edge of the lego… Lego wins.


What is this? A competition to see which one gives you more pain? xD


Bitter life experience :smiley:


Sounds like they aren’t cutting you off. Perma vision allows you to always know what the monster is doing. The monster will always out run you, but he won’t out smart you if you play properly.


Oh, you made the Wraith rage you say?


If all four hunters are together then they can’t magically teleport to different parts of the map. So either they come in split up, in which case you kill them in detail, or they all come together to engage and you outdistance them.

Also, if I have a Bucket player who is constantly UAV, I’m going to go after his body and kill him while he’s immobile if I can. Even if he’s surrounded by turrets you can Warp Blast in to kill the turrets, then Nova him to death. Not saying it’s easy (because it shouldn’t be), but it is doable.

And finally, ragequitting? Why? If I’m the monster and I don’t want to continue the match, I just go all in. The hunters will always be obliging enough to kill me off so I can move on to another match.