Just looking for a friend


Hi guys I know this is off topic and doesn’t have anything to do with evolve but my dad past away 4 hours ago I would really appreciate some comforting words from you thanks guys.


Hey. I’m sorry about your dad man. :frowning:


It’s okay. Loss is something we all experience, you’ll be fine soon. I promise.


Thanks that’s really nice of you ps I’m a girl🙂


whoops. lol


Thanks I hope that this won’t happen to you


Moved the topic.

I am truly sorry for your loss and remember that this forum is full of wonderful people that I am sure feel the same way as I do when I say that.

I am a tad busy at the moment but I will be actively participating in this topic when I get a bit more time.


Sorry I’m always sensitive on that😔


Oh, it already has. My grandma died back in September.


I kinda know how you feel. It hurts to lose someone close. I lost my brother a while back… but you’ll be alright. It just takes time to adjust.


But a father is really different…it’s worse…,…much much worse.


I’m sorry.


What for I’m just happy you guys took the time to talk with me a little.


So how old are you Centipede? If you don’t mind me asking.


In what way might I ask? Feel free not to delve into it if you can’t.


I’m 16 clank


I don’t know how to explain it my mind is really numb right now


I’m 18, turning 19 this Friday. I lost my brother in January… but, im not comparing your situation to mine… its just being around your age, I know how hard it is to feel family loss.


May his soul RIP I’m sorry about your brother too but I don’t have any brother or sister .


I’m really sorry, but I’m 100% here for you when you need me. :slight_smile: