Just in time: Easy Wraith Strat for Voodoo Skin Challenge



Oh god…Please don’t do this, you’re just giving the Hyde players free wins…Stage one wins are only possible against bad hunters.


Yep, average Wraith players aren’t that skilled or that lucky.



I just kill everyone and follow my in-depth guide to monster.


Why haven’t you published this?!? :wink:


This would change the meta forever, just look at what happened when someone published the “Flee till 3” strat.



this so fucking much

or when they overextend or underestimating 1 3x rock/warp/lightning but those are all fails on the hunter side


Underestimating the Monster and overextending your team are rookie mistakes.


yeah… i remember the first time fighting a decent wraith after the warp buff… we didnt expect that xD


Evolve needs a new meta or it will die out and be forever known as running stimulator


You’re joking, right?


I actually did this. I played WITH three randoms and they did really good for two games. Then I got monster and I picked Wraith and completely obliterated them. Got shield, got in two strikes on the trapper at Stage One, one against Caira too. Then proceeded to max Supernova and do DAMAGE! Got us Wraith like five wins. :stuck_out_tongue:


lol it worked so good

EDIT: To elaborate - don’t bunch up, dodge a bit, GG.


I imagine he went through 70 games, and won like 3 with this tactic. I don’t see many teams losing to a stage 1 like this.


What do you mean? lol


I don’t think a stage 3 Wraith would appreciate being called fat.


I disagree entirely, this is totally a valid tactic and I encourage my fellow wraiths to use it exclusively


I sense a hint of trickery


Me too, I think she’s trying to draw out the good wraith players matches so Hyde wins the challenge.
She’s a cunning one alright


If you want I’ll get together consecutive stage 1 wins, that way after the third or fourth win, the hunters will have adjusted to what I’m specifically playing as. The outcome won’t change, they’ll still be wrecked.