Just how old?

As we know the 5th Trapper just got released, and as we can all see and hear, he is a younger character. But I was wondering just how young is he? And thinking of this made me wonder… well just how old are the rest of them? There are some references to age but nothing (that I can recall) tells us what age any of them are. I know Sunny left home at 14 but if she’d started that story with “‘x’ years ago…” We’d know. I’ve pretty much made up a guess age for some of them based on their looks and voice but I don’t actually know any of their ages. If anyone has found a dialogue, that I missed and that gives us an answer I would really like to know. Their back-stories are all online somewhere or other but this is one detail that I feel would help some of us get to know their characters better. Knowing Griffin’s story makes me feel like I’m playing as Griffin instead of I’m playing some Trapper. Knowing their ages would help, for immersive and RP purposes.

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I know Jack is 15 - 16
Sunny is believed to be late teens- early twenties.

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im 1000% sure that she is 22

out of 3000%

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My opinion of Jack is 15-16, as I stated here.

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Sunny is 18. Jck is around I’m guessing his early 20’s.

They are as old as they feel.


Pretty sure Sunny is 19, and Matthew said-

He said he THINKS he’s younger. Doesn’t know for sure. Well gona have to wait till tuesday to find out officially.

<wow, wit?

He said he thinks he’s DEFINITELY younger than Sunny. ^.^
Means he’s pretty sure. ^.-

When someone says “I think I definitely” Doesn’t sound to me like it’s totally correct. I hope it isn’t the case anyway. I don’t need teenagers fighting monsters. Breaks the immersion for me.

We’ll see. ^.^
I personally wouldn’t mind a teen fighting monsters. People are dying, maybe he wanted to help?

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Just not a fan of children beating gaint killing machines. It would be like some teen killing a xeno or predator…kills the scary/coolness factor for me.

With Sunny’s personality, I’m not sure age matters too much. o.O

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As much as she is still a “teen” I still consider her an adult. Ig uess when I say teen I mean…the young teens.

If he turns out to be 15, just pretend he’s 18 then. ^.^

I just hope he’s in his 20s.

I’m sure lots of people do, who knows? ~shrugs~

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… guess I’ll find out next friday.