Just hit level 9


It popped up saying I unlocked a perk (Abilities refesh 15% faster), but I can’t use it. Is this passive, so I can’t select it?

EDIT: Going to apologize if this isn’t very clear.


It shouldn’t be a passive perk. If you can’t see it it may have been an upgrade on an existing perk or it was for a specific character.


I was playing as Trapper. All I know is I can’t select it from the perk selection screen, unless I’m missing something.


Might be a monster perk…@macman ?


I’ve seen the cooldown one for monsters so it might be that.


When you select a monster character, you should see a cooldown perk.


You can earn monster perks while playing as a hunter?


Yup. There are Hunter Perks, Universal Perks and Monster specific Perks.