Just had to vent


Hello! Loving the he outta evolve so far aside when fighting against a kraken. However when playing as the kraken i have been unstoppable. 9 wins with no losses so far before last round… Got to stage 3, went and wrecked face… Had all the hunters down ( medic went down first) and then… Poof. 3 hunters back to full life after finishing them all off. Ok, whatever… I still had full life or at least nearly so. So I continue to take them out one by one… Then bam. Lag. Lag like crazy and the next thing i know i am dead. I dont get mad after losing but this really really made me salty. I had a perfext record but then just gone. Evolve is the only game i have lag on too, and it happens rvery match.

Most of the time so long as i
Am not a hunter it is not that big of an issue…
But as a hunter oh god it makes being anything aside support practically unplayable. Just wanted to vent a bit and see if anyone else has had this issue.