Just had the honor to play the new kraken in quick play


man …
this thing is even more powerful than the old kraken !!!
i joined with damaged hp and im really bad as monster.
but the hunters didnt stand a chance.

ok lets be serious maybe the older one is even better.
because new aftershock is faster but weaker, banshee is just one rocket and vortex is some kind of beam.

but what i really want to say is:
to my lovely pub-players:
now we got two powerful monsters who will rock the quick-play-section.

im not sure if this is funny. of course premade teams are good players who communicate and work as a team and can terminate a kraken-player easily.
but in one or two weeks we got two flying bastards who ignore much dmg, deal incredible dmg with massive combo-attacks and rock every public-match because if you have just one mate in your team who does one mistake then the krakens will make you pay for it and every kind of fun is ruined for all players in that match. is that the big deal?

well everything i said is useless anyway and if something needs to be said then its this:
good work on that adaption devs!
i rarely play kraken cause its just too fucking easy in pub-matches (well at begin i didnt know him and the game so i lost many times but im talking from now) but i know such a work is real hard and its free content so thats even more awesome and i love your game!
maybe i wish sometimes kraken wouldnt be so powerful in quickplay if i play alone or with a friend or maybe its balanced and many players dont know how to deal with him as trapper with slowing or damaging as assault or bla bla bla bla you know what i mean.

im just hoping for some more matches with balanced skilled players without much difference in the skill-level so we all have a close matches with much suspense.

cheers big is :wink:



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