Just had a trapper that domed his team mid spawn


The number one way to troll :confused:


Unfortunately this will always be true of public matchmaking. A-Holes everywhere. best thing to do is post his name on the forums and leave his lobby.


Thank god for the block button.


Well all you have to do is kick him. Every game since the dawn of MP gaming has had that. You just go into options, then …um… I think it’s here somewhere…

The hell, TRS?! No KICK option?! What is this, the stone ages?!


No calling out on the forum…just play the match and leave the group afterwards. Don’t need to even speak to these people…just play the way you play to get your exp. and such, then move on to a new match with new players.


I love how your portrait is like mine, but with more effort into it. (I just copied a picture into paint and cropped it :P)


Yeah, that had never occurred to me, but you’re right, that’s probably the worst way you can abuse your teammates in Evolve besides intentionally Hanking everyone. Hmm. Don’t think there’s much to be done for it though. If someone is bound and determined to throw the match and piss people off just because they get off on it somehow, then it’s going to be hard to stop them. Some people just gotta be asshats, all you can do is roll your eyes and ignore them as best you can. Ain’t worth raising your blood pressure over.


Considering the trapper has the most important role in any team. You should discuss this in the lobby if the trapper is any good.


and people call me a dick to strangers because i dislike pug random people.


The funniest trolling I’ve seen was when a team downed an elite tyrant, walked up to it to collect the perk, and then laz resurrects it in our faces :stuck_out_tongue: was too laughing too hard to be mad.


Well I don’t like you either ;_;


There should be an assigned override button. If the majority of the team presses the trapper button on the d pad they should be able to drop the dome.

Although this problem isn’t huge so it may not be necessary.


sorry :slight_smile: corrected it^^


Wait… Laz can revive an animal?


Yup but I recommend cloaking first.


Yup one funny tactic if you have laz and Abe is to kill an elite, take the perk, Rez it and put a tracking dart in it. Bait for the monster :wink: