Just had a thought


Okay guys, hear me out.

Geralt of Rivia VS a Goliath?

Who would win?


Goliath, he would eat Geralt.


Possibly, but have you seen Geralt in Witcher 3? If he had proper preparation VS a stage 1/2 he might stand a chance.


If he had time to properly apply ointment to his sword to increase it’s damage by 7, and forge a new iron helmet for the battle, he would still get pub stomped due to lack of heals.


didnt really know who geralt was untill looking it up but it depends
is there prep time
what is the enviroment
and what are goliaths abilitys and perks


Goliath would be level 2, with 2 in rock throw, 2 in fire breath, and ones in the other two. The environment would be fusion plant on shear, the prep time is 2 hours.


if the prep time is 2 hours goliath would be stage 3 and beyond if it was possible
Perhaps Screwattack could make a death battle for these 2 http://www.screwattack.com/shows/originals/death-battle