Just had a Markov player call Val garbage


Healed for 17k, and tranqed for 300 seconds that game. Sure is a garbage character TRS. Better remove. Seriously though why do people think some hunters are garbage when all have a role?


Markov is very hard to please, not team player. Only team Markov needs, is Markov!


In most games even the worst characters can still be played to a very high efficacy. What matters is does the top end of Val measure up to the top end of caira or lazarus.

Personally I believe lazarus is by far the worst medic, I think I’ll be proven right once ranked matchmaking arrives.


Next time don’t heal him, if markov is so good he won’t take damage will he? :wink:


Lazarus + Bucket is a great pair. Lazarus players tend to go in too early making the medic seem worthless.

@evolv Still wanted to beat the monster. They were playing Wraith. Beat the monster due to landing tranqs as soon as she decoyed so we would have true sight when decoy expired.


Vals tranqs are underrated against wraith if they’re kept on her she is ridiculously using warps and not letting her stamina recharge. Something the markov player obviously dosent realise !


What about Magikarp?


Because Val is garbage without Hank to protect her. She has a lot of utility, sure. I’ll give you that. But her “Self-peel” is terrible.

Lazarus can heal himself more than Val can and the cloak is much better than the tranqs.

If Val is not dying when there is no Hank, that monster player is bad.


Got me there :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably the best time to use val will be when you vs kraken cause you can keep tranqing the kraken so they go nowhere


Exactly. Val is complete garbage on her own you need Hank to make her useful other wise take Caira


Laz is probably the best medic if your team know how to lure a monster away from a corpse and stop it from eating it. His LD is fast as hell and doesn’t give you a strike, so if your Laz knows how to sneak and revive even if your team is getting killed it does not matter much.

If teams also know how to combine Laz with support stealth, he’s the most annoying hunter to deal with.

Val is string vs Goliath/Kraken but pretty weak vs Wraith. Laz is the same. And Caira is balanced vs Wraith but OP vs Goliath and Kraken due to her AoE heal and its speed.


I especially like markov players who trash talk other characters while spending time in the dome laying mines and then assault rifling from inside them


So many matches lost just this way by one bar or something… it’s painful to see them do this. I do love me some mines though especially when I play as Val. At least when I die I can do it in a minefield to get at least some payback.

I’m not sure why a Markov would ever use the assault rifle (I know it is for range, but they should be as close as possible to the monster at all times). If lightning gun is empty lay mines and when mines are down lightning gun is charged again.