Just had a disconnect on the hunter team for the first time


Holy crap is the hunter AI terrible.

We lost our Assault to a disconnect and our Support (on Bucket) swapped over to fill in for him.

AI Bucket immediately got eaten by a plant. Like, not even 10 seconds after the swap.

No big deal, we gun him out, and we continue to chase after the monster.

We catch up to the monster and dome him. Myself on trapper, support’s back on support, and the medic’s together with us.

Where’s our Assault? I swap to him. He’s clear on the other side of the map. Four jetpack boosts didn’t even cover a third of the distance he was away from the team.

The hunter AI is apparently garbage and it cost me a win streak. /salt


Its a good thing that lobbies immediately end before the game starts if a player leaves the lobby. That really sucked because of how terrible the AI is. It forced me to manage lobbies and leave them manually whenever one of the players left.


More like rage quit : P
Funny enough, ppl rage quitting even when match already ended. Like… hello, free SK and XP? no? does win/loss ration really appeal to you more than real reward, that let you progress through game?