Just got this T-Shirt as part of Pre-Order


The T-Shirt looks kinda crap on the picture, but in reality it looks pretty cool and it has this glossy effect.
(Bad color because of too much lightning)

Thought i might share it on forums.

I will be getting the Hoodie in 2 weeks or so. This T-Shirt and the hoodie is part of my pre-order and they said hoodie will take a week or 2.


“Stay Classy”.

TRS/2K that was terrible. Admittedly hilarious and good, but terrible. :blush:


Wait…you got a shirt and a hoodie for pre ordering the game? Where did you pre order from?


Reminds me of the good old days when you got shirts and hats as preorders, not little pieces of DLC. A bonus was a bonus, not something to stress over getting. lol