Just got reset, what can i get back if anything?


lost 33 levels, practically elite wraith and caira. Im honestly laughing because a while back i made a post asking people if it was safe to play on xbox yet… guess not.

Heres some screenshots…


You can, according to 2K Support, retrieve character unlocks but nothing else. Sucks.


still love the game but this is crazy xD


Some people are saying to stick to solo until its fixed but idk


Yup I think it happens in waves as it happened to me today after getting to number 4 global as caira. Still love the game so I will make my way back up eventually :smile:


I hope they fix it soon


Same happened to me and I can’t unlock any other assault characters because I’m not getting any XP for marcov now. Would anyone know why this is happening? I would really like to experience playing the other assault chatacters


So my account reset and I do play solo. My wife happened to be using the Xbox and decided to start the game up for me and accidentally used her profile instead of mine. This caused the game to start up the tutorials etc. I ended up then backing out of the game so i could log in as myself and bam I was back at lvl 1 but hey all my leaderboard stats are still there. So yeah solo is not safe either.


I have been reset three different times. first got to lvl 4 then reset. second about 2 hours ago got almost everything in my leaderboards reset including bucket, cabot, and parnell which where top 500. Then about 30 mins ago I got reset and lost 26 levels. Game is fun but I am a competitive person and don’t like starting over because i do not have all the time in the world to play like a lot of people. I want a refund or something because I just wasted 60 dollars on a game I cannot even keep progress.


I suspect slot of people will be getting refunds.: /