Just got my but kicked by a goliath


Btw theses were all ai bots
Ok so I was playing as crow with the other tier 4 characters. I always smashed behemoth with the team and then I decided to go up against goliath.
If I kept fighting, we would have all died when it it just evolved at stage 2.
Just telling ya :blush:


ye goli bot is no fucking joke man. i get my ass handed to me all the time.


Well Tier 4 is a bit more of a close range tier in my opinion and close range is where the Goliath shines. People complaining that Tire 4 are OP but I don’t agree with them sadly (even though I haven’t had the change to play them myself yet). Also the Kraken I can see also being a bit of problem for the Tier 4 hunters especially Torvald (Assault) considering that his Mortar Cannons can be easily avoided and his automated shotgun… well is a shotgun.

As I always say there are always ways to overcome the enemy in this type of game, just gotta play smart :smiley:


LoL, come back and tell us that Torvald is balanced after you’ve played him :hand: Dishes out damage at an insane rate… Or take a look here: 2.0 TORVALD Discussion!


I dont think he is that strong but I havent played as him or against him but have seen gameplay of him. He will punish monsters that are up close since he is using a shotgun and mortar, but in order for the mortar to be good you have to have the monster locked down for a bit cause of travel time or be good at prediction.


Did you watch the video in the thread I linked? Monster was hardly pinned down at all and look at dat mortar damage :heart: Although as you said, good prediction is key :+1:


Well as I said earlier, I was talking about how to counter him with Kraken, he may do a lot of damage up close but against monsters which can easily get distance then he is going to have a problem and hence there is a way around him.