Just got kicked


i was waiting for other players even tho there was all 5 that was waiting i believe too, and finally after a good 10 minutes, the character selection comes up, but i couldnt choose any and then after the time limit ran out there were 5 different characters and then i got kicked…i have a screenshot of the character selection.


Getting kicked isn’t a thing… Your connection might have timed out however; which seems to be making the most sense in my humble opinion.


maybe, but 2 others also said the same thing, as i was able to talk to them


Same lobby, I reckon? Issue could be related to the host, instead of you three.


yea i was the same lobby, i said to him “i have a problem” and the 2 others said "you cant choose any of your characters?’ but one other guy thought that it was my first time playing so i assume it was only the 3 of us and not the other 2,
edit…maybe not the first time playing but he said i didnt do the turtoral yet but when the time ran out and all char. where chosen that same guy said “ohh”