Just got decimated by a Meteor Goliath and i couldn't be more happy

Firstly (claps) godd job on the monster redesign. Secondly the AI is viscous. i look forward to fight more of your AI monsters while i wait for more hunters to rank up to silver teir!

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Look dude i didn’t mean to get offensive. I just wanted to point out that Meteor Goliath is not a skin. TRS has stated that is a adaptation of the monster. I just want people to know that. Sorry if i sounded offensive.

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Alright then…we cool.

You ninja’d me. Did my job for me >-<

Do we really another thread about Meteor Goliath? There are already a lot. Plus, this is just a small topic, you should be able to talk about it in the main Meteor Goliath thread. @Sentry_Gun

…why would you take the time out of your day to comment on a thread you have no interest in?

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It doesn’t really matter whether I have interest or not. I’ve already stated, there are other Meteor Goliath threads. We don’t need a topic about how you were beat by a Meteor Goliath. You can talk about it somewhere else. I’m not trying to piss you off, I’m just stating the facts.

dude, seriously, just move on.

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Why do I need to move on? I have all the time in the world right now.

Nice as that was, I think you both have stated your opinions, no need to reiterate or challenge each other. If this turns into a pissing match, someone will have to take action to moderate it.


ok, it seems your just a troll, so im going to ignore you and continue enjoying my time with Evolve.

no need, im just going to ignore him.

I was just trying to say why this topic was unnecessary and tried to do it the nicest way possible. Of course, you stated you don’t want any argument to happen. He doesn’t seem to understand that. I understand what your trying to say though, so I appreciate you chiming in. :smile:

Ok, I’m going to move all the positive stuff to the main thread and I agree, the AI is indeed scary and awesome :smile: