Just found out what Sunny's full name is

Sunny Cabot

Anyone surprised.

I don’t believe that’s her name. ^.-

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Proof or it never happened.

In game she calls herself Sunny Yu.


Wut .-. I thought it was Sunny Yu or somethin

Heres the proof

“Sunny Cabot is a hunter that is only available in the Hunting Season Pass DLC or as a separate purchase. She is the fourth hunter in the support role.”

“The four hunters included in the Hunting Season Pass are Torvald (Assault), Crow (Trapper), Slim (Medic) and Sunny (Support)”

her name is sunny yu, Sunny cabot was her during production where she was in fact she Cabot’s daughter, it’s not the case anymore however as both their story and role changed.

Someone fucked up on behalf of 2K.

Sunny Cabot is a scrapped character from a previous iteration of the game. Sunny Yu is something like a remake of her.


“Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves by fighting Mechagodzilla.”

I put it in quote marks so it’s proof, right?

I asked for proof. Give proof or you are wrong.


Originally, when the game was called metamorphosis, she was Cabot’s daughter and piloted the dropship. They reused her name and personality in Abe and Parnell’s backstory. Totally different Sunny- this one’s name is Sunny Yù.

That is not Sunny’s last name. That was original Sunny’s name, when she was concepted to be the pilot of the dropship… She no longer exists.

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I thought it was always SunnyD.


… Wow, that was just… walks away shaking head

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She’s Sunny Yu. Sunny Cabot was… basically the same character, but different…

There’s a comment from @Matthew about it somewhere.

Crows name is also khovalsky something
hes also Mongolian.
So now monsters have a reason to say “GOD DAMN MONGOLIAN”

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Hm. Kovalsky is actually Eastern Slavic, like the Belarus, Ukraine side of Russia, or the Cossacks. It’s like the Polish name Kowalski. I guess ethnicity is less specific in the age of space travel, but still, Mongolians are very distinct from Russians. I would say maybe he’s a Russian Mongolian immigrant, but just what little of his face & skin tone we see seems very distinctly Mongolian.

He also has a little brother named frank.


Khovalyg <—that’s it.



I’m actually kinda curious as to how whoever wrote that came up with Sunny Cabot.

God I wish that happened