Just for the Lols


Thought I should share this with you guys xD


Haha that guy is awesome.


Not sure if I should be miffed or laugh at the hilarity…my emotions are being torn two ways!


I love the honest trailers guy, but alas, even he is not immune to some of the more mindless complaints. I will admit, I laughed a lot, but there were equal amounts of actual honest hilarity and mob-mentality whining. Thanks for sharing!


The part where he mentions how well playing as a team with random players works… Haha!


Oh snap, I think he made a fairly deep meta joke in there actually. During the time lapse as if things are “taking forever”, he only moves around just less than a quarter of the map and can’t keep focused. During all the fast cuts, he is clearly hunting a Goliath and then gets pounced by a Wraith.

Not sure if going out of way to make things look bad, or making fun of people who call everything OP from lack of attention span.