Just finished my first online match as monster


So after playing dozens of matches offline and getting to around level 30,I figured it was time for me to play online for a bit,having only ever played maybe two or three matches in total against actual players. I played four matches with the same group and it was pretty fun,I was an assault for three of those matches and we won against Goliath and Behemoth,then we lost to a Wraith. After all that it was my turn to be the monster and I went with Kraken cause he’s my fave. I actually won too! It was nice not only to win, but after the match I backed out and got a message from someone in the lobby a few minutes later telling me I did excellent as Kraken. I was a bit nervous during the match so it was nice to hear that I did good :grin:


You played your first online Evolve match today? I remember mine. It was glorious. :stuck_out_tongue:


The biggest problem I had, was getting over that fear of “They’re coming to get me”… It got easier after that.


Oh definitely, the feeling of “gotta go gotta move don’t stop” was tense. It wasn’t my first online match though,I played one or two during other events like the gold skin thing,but it was my first as the monster.


Yeah. Knowing that four people have it out for you is daunting.

Then when you smack them all you get super cocky.


Oh man, I remember my first time playing the Evolve… It was in Big Alpha, played as a Kraken, looks like someone left the game and game forced me to get on the seat.

I won, destroyed the Hunters, just spammed my abilities :smiley:


I try not to get cocky, so didn’t happen to me.


My first match as Kraken I hid in a bush, because they had cornered me. They never left though and started playing skip-rope with the healgun…


I think jumping in a first match at level 30 is harder to do than jumping into a level 1 match lol. so i actually give you props. level 40 woulda been godmode lol. I had my brother who played the beta with me and got good with kraken, struggle on my account at level 40 after not playing for a long time haha.