Just finished Invader Zim the other day, and started something that may surprise people who know me...One punch man!


Long title I know, but are there any other fans of “One punch man” out there? Just started watching it today, and I love it. Just wanted to post about it, because I want to see if anyone else here does to. (So early to this series, I’ve only seen the intro, not kidding, I watched the intro, and I’m starting episode 1 now)


I love One Punch man!

Such awesome animation and great comedic value.


I’d like to start watching it. What platform is it avaliable on?


Finish One punch man, by far one of the best anime’s I’ve ever watched. And the animation is god like.


any idea what it is/will be about? im not sure what to make of it. Especially since i heard to people start arguing about who would win between One punch man and Goku…


You can watch it in Hulu , that’s were I watched it. The entire series is on there.


Its about a super hero, saitama who trained so hard he went bald. He’s a super hero for fun, and is trying to make a name for himself and he kills everything in one punch. Don’t knock it until you try it, it’s really good.


lol Sounds humorous. Reminds me of the show Bobobo. I miss that show.


Was that uhhh good? Looked really weird


One Punch has super EPIC fights, it’s funny as hell and the animation is amazing!


it was…i didnt have cable tv when i was younger, so a friend of mine would record cartoon network/adult swim on VHS tapes…you read right, VHS! anyways, Bobobo was one of the shows recorded. I normally wouldnt watch something that appeared that wierd, but what was I going to do? change the channel? lol.


Man I’m old enough to know what they’re :wink: I still have my VCR , love that thing.

But did you actually like Bobobo? just curious if it was good.


lol you never know when you’re talkin to a lil whippersnapper lmao. anyways, I dont remember much of an actual story. it was REALLY random with the story, fights, and in-between moments. and the randomness was what I liked about it. random humor in shows is what really draws me in. I really didnt want to like ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’ because of the animation. IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE! but because of the random humor, I had some good laughs from that show and enjoy watching it now.


So far I’m 10 minuets and 25 seconds into it, and I’m liking what I’m seeing. The earth thingy was pretty funny, as was the crab thing with permanent marker nipples (Had, had to censor, didn’t want kids reading this to see ;))


Also, “BROTHERRRRRRRRRRR!!!” XD! I’m crying, actually the greatest!!!

EDIT: Just saw “Sorry about that” You guys weren’t kidding, going to love this series!


You should probably clear up and add One Punch Man to the title, as it right now looks like it was pulled straight from Buzzfeed:

Anyway, I too have seen it. I liked it so much I decided to read the manga and when that ended I decided to read the original web comic which was (is, as it’s still going) great!





Just did, and @The_Mastermind Yes. Yes I did


One punch man is…


But for real, One Punch Man is my favorite. I was so happy when I heard they were making an anime. Plus, that theme is so kick ass! :laughing: ONE PAAAAAWWWWNNNNNCCCCCHHHHHH!


When they play it in the last fight! :heart_eyes:, I love that song!