Just faced behemoth with gold skin,yet behemoth unavailable in store.why?

I just wanted to know if there is a special way to get him or how I can get him.
EDIT:I owned behemoth since his release on legacy evolve yet i don’t have him

if you had him before stage 2 you have him now… if you dont have him now theres no way to get him till the devs decide hes ready

As far as I know there are some issues with Behemoth atm.
People who had him before stage 2 have him unlocked, everyone else will be able to unlock him once those issues are fixed and patched.

Dev comment:

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it s literally written in the update notes


Here’s a quote from Tara too.

He will be unlocked when they feel he is ready to be released to newer players. Hopefully that won’t be too long. :wink:

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The only way for someone to have Behemoth on PC right now is if they were an original player who bought him before the game went F2P recently. The only way for new players to get him is to wait until he’s available.

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Behemoth is just unplayable right now. Better wait for the changes.

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