Just faced a team of invisible hunters (x1)


Not sure if hacks or a horrible bug cause I saw harpoons being shot through rocks


Horrible bug.

This happened to me in the beta. Also, I doubt that there would be any hackers on launch day.


You’d be sorely mistaken. There were hackers in the beta.


Maybe it was a Megamouth :smile:


Harpoons… through rocks… :open_mouth: Behemoth tongue grab confirmed!


There were? I never encountered any, as far as I know.


But Behemoths target hunters…


I just played a game where all the hunters were just floating around the map. It was funny, but I feel a little bad for the monster player.

No idea what caused the bug, but soon as we left the drop ship I was stuck in the air, then if you ever wanted to fly you just walk off any cliff and you would just keep floating at that height!

I guess there are a few bugs going around right now from the sound of things :smiley:


We ran into a couple, reported them, but you don’t exactly talk about it on open airwaves ya know? ;p


Yeah I was kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

I read yesterday that there might be something weird going on with skins that can cause the invisible issue.


I feel ye m8.