Just encountered a team or just 2 player and i think they are CHEATING OR FOUND THE PERFECT META PERKS



OK, today i just Q solo playing as monster in regular match. I played as Elder kraken and the hunters are tech Hank, Rouge Val, Parnell and Abe. I got 13% damage reduction But this is the thing 2 OF THEM GOT 55 WIN STREAK the others are 13 and 14 i think i can’t remember those 2. But the match start and they fucking melted my armor in just 3 sec they ones who are attacking is hank and parnell. And yea but they cancel the dome and let me run away for some reason… and i was like WTF just happened well i just played and got into stage 2. Full armor full HP and this is the thing. Only HANK FOUND me and i was 100% sure its only him around and he fucking killed me in 5 sek. after the match i talked to them and they were trolling as shit and they said THEY WENT FULL DAMAGE PERKS. Personally i don’t think its legit but THERE ARE ALREADY CHEATERS like them. well thats all hope you guys have encountered this to so i don’t think i am going crazy


If you know for a FACT that they are Hackers refer to this thread :slight_smile:


oh ty i am new here he he


Don’t worry, I just found the thread :stuck_out_tongue:


ok adswjnawf


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LUL i am a god


I fought a Torvald once that was doing INSANE damage with his shotgun from miles away, 100% a hacker. Funny thing is that I ended up winning because their trapper was a bot and their support died to a plant, but I still almost lost.