Just Curious



Who will win on this fine sunday?

I’ve got my money on The Hawks (I’m a Giants fan btw, and yes I know we sucked this year :cry:)

Superbowl 49!

I’m guessing you are talking about Super Bowl?
I have no idea about anything but tell you this.I always enjoy when videos from Super Bowl ads go online.Best commercials are being played that time am i right?


Seahawks might take the cake put it should be a good game with the Pates


Oh yea every year man, in fact last year they were the best part of the Game haha.


Hopefully, would hate to see a repeat of last year.


The not Patriots team. I just don’t like those guys.


well patriotism is dead… so im going to assume the living animal wins?


Chickpea already predicted Patriots, so it has been foretold, so it shall come to pass.


Can someone post a link with ALL the adds that where played during the superbowl?I only found 8-10


I wonder what the ratio of viewers are those who come for the game vs. those who come for the ads. I’m definitely in the latter.


I am european and i don’t care at all about the game.We here watch Basket and Football.By football i mean the ball that we kick with our foot.