Just curious TRS


But is there any particular reason that the regular evolve game is $40 on the Xbox store when I can pick up the exact copy for $14 at the local GameStop? No bashing here I love and played this game since its beginning but just its quite irregular and I’ve been curious about it for awhile.


GameStop sells used games.


And I’m pretty sure that Microsoft prices everything on the XBox store.


Oh dear, I just checked and its $10 new. .-.


I’m probably just gonna remove this it kinda sounds like I’m bitching doesn’t it? Lmao I hope it works i mean for the content they’ve put on here they deserve as much money as they can make it just threw me though a loop when I checked the difference


Ah that actually makes sense knowing microsoft


2k sets the prices, TRS doesn’t have control over that.


I see thanks for clearing this up guys I just didn’t wanna look down on trs for what they’ve done I knew they wouldn’t pull something like that but I had to figure out so I didn’t bad mouth them in the future about it knowing me


Question seems to have been answered.