Just curious... also hey again


Well it’s been a while, but I’m back here again. My love for Evolve still burns strong with me and I gotta ask one thing. I may be getting a PC soon, so I was wondering that even though the Stage 2 servers are down, is there any way at all you’re able to play it, at least offline, or is it all gone? God it’s great to see this place again.


Hi there Dylan, I instantly recognised your profile picture…but not your name. Sadly, playing multiplayer on Stage 2 is impossible, the servers are owned by 2K Games and they were the only way for us to play together on Stage 2. Now many of us downgraded Evolve to Legacy for its Peer-to-Peer multiplayer, but not a lot of us are playing it.


However there is a small dedicated amount of people that do play Legacy Evolve daily (times vary from person to person). Once you have access to Steam add me there, ScornfulEpex
I’ll invite you to the Evolve chatroom where games are assembled.
Don’t even bother with Stage 2 unless you wanna solo fight against bots. Install Legacy and we’ll go from there.


I’ve been waiting to play stage 2 from the hints towards TU09. Even playing it just a ltitle will give me a rush. I need to try it.


New phone. Who 'dis?


Welcome back, Dylan. :slight_smile: Bots definitely still work in stage 2.


Thank the Lord. Is it still possible to buy characters or not? I’m still dying to test out the new additions from stage 2


No, the store is closed.


So is it completely impossible for me to try out the new stage 2 exclusive variants?


Well, If you play ‘Hunt Vs AI’ you should be able to pick characters that you don’t own. I’m not sure you can do that in custom games though. Did you own the PC version of Evolve prior to stage 2? If you did, you are considered a founder and then all stage 2 exclusive characters should be unlocked by default, as well as the characters that you owned prior to stage 2.

If not, you’d have to buy an Evolve key from a 3rd party website to even be able to play stage 2.
This is because stage 2 is unfortunately no longer accessible through the steam store. :confused:

Amazon seems to still have some keys available.

Edit: Just to clarify, anyone with a bought copy of the PC version of Evolve is considered a founder.


I’ve played hours and hours of time in the game on PS4, but never had it on PC. It wouldn’t be bad at all for be to pick up a key somewhere. I love this game too much and I’ve been dying to try stage 2 for ages now. I’m glad Hunt Vs AI allows you to pick all the characters too. I was worried I could never try it at all


If you were able to download it, you should be able to do single player like vs. bots and the bit of other stuff in there.

ps. a key will be found at sites like g2a.com and cdkeys.com