Just Checked Steamcharts, We're currently number 9 in the top 10!



As of the moment I write this post, our currently playing is at 49,000 and our momentum has put us in the top 10 games being played this very moment on Steam.

If we can keep it up, this is the most amazing news. That’s twice the amount of players we had in the month that Evolve launched!

premature congratulations to the Dev team. I’ll edit this when we have an idea of what our constant player base will be.

Oh, and any mod/Leader that can think up a better title for this, please re-write.


That’s amazing to hear. Just imagine how this will go on Console omg


I know, I can’t wait for everyone to have what PC has. I’m more excited that this now has a good chance to actually reach console players than I am that we’re topping charts!


Freaking amazing news! I’m glad as well… <3

A good title could be ‘Player Increase is Definite!’ … c:


Well, this is a good trend so far. Let’s hope it keeps going in the right direction.


Well, this is the boom stage of going free to play. I’m saying everything is premature because next what needs to happen is our numbers stay steady, and then we’re looking at a definite player increase.