Just a weird question about stuff


Sometimes on a victory screen, the ship flies dangerously close to the trapper dome. If the ship were to ever get a part of it inside, how screwed would it be? It flies so fast…it can’t just stop on cue.


Cinematics are OP. We once a game before we left the drop ship and saw both our dropship and the ‘victory’ one in the same cutscene. Dropshiption.


That happens to me sometimes.

Also, OP, I feel like the Trapper could just pull down the dome if it ever got stuck.


But, the ship can’t just stop. And the dome takes a few seconds to pull down.

Does the ship break when it hits the wall?


When it goes in? No.

When it goes out, is a different matter.


Speaking of Domes, does anyone find it hilarious that there are birds that rain down on domes. Not sure if they are carrion birds or what, but it’s funny to see them ‘dying’ because of the dome.


Whoa, wait…birds just instantaneously fall when the dome goes up?


Ya, I’ve seen it a few times. Not sure if it’s birds circling above because I startle birds mid fight or what. But they drop down dead :stuck_out_tongue:


That kind of sucks. And it’s kind of funny. The dome is just death to all flying beasts I guess.