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I hear a lot of people always complaining about monster nerfs…imo there’s too many nerf this nerf that when it comes to monsters and hardly any talk amongst the community about hunters unless it’s good ol Hank. This is coming from someone who plays every character on both sides with everything elite.
This is a fun game and I can’t get enough of it, but there’s just too many people quick to jump the gun when something doesn’t work the way THEY want it to instead of Ctually learning how to counter and play efficiently. Putting in the time solo or with friends (if you have any that play) is a great practice to develop skills and strategies, etc.

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so what your saying is…nerf hank lol.

Haha well Hank is annoying but I enjoy a challenge to play against lol. I just used him because he’s the hunter people feel need work done so threw it in as an example haha.

oh im still waiting on it. even a simple range decrease on the shield will suffice.

That would be good, imo it’s just the range that makes it a pain. Other than that focus him or break threw the shield. Avoid the OB cause you know that’ll be coming and back to kicking ass

ive had enough of it

Completely agree, game has been battered half to death drop op cries. Only time I cry is vs a good beam team.

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