Just a thought, what if variants cost money but characters do not?


idk about it, but maybe? seemed like a good idea in my head, pay for the EXTRA stuff and make the characters themselves, like sunny torvald jack lennox… etc. it would be a good way to keep money comin in for trs and 2k, and then not anger the community by asking money for characters that play into that game itself. thoughts? please be constructive and kind, just an idea i had idk if it would work though.


p.s. im leavin somewhere right now, wont be back until later to read your comments! but i will be back!


Nah, I like it the way it is. I don’t think we should pay for what could have been.


From a business standpoint it doesn’t make sense because it takes much, much longer and more work hours to create a new character versus a variation on a character that already exists in the game.

Basically, this is saying we should get the characters they’ve worked for on average 1 year on for free, while the ones that they only spend a couple of months on we would pay for. They would lose so much investment money and 2K would stop funding the game immediately.


Umm, in response to title? Noooooooooo, plus they’re all confirmed to be free and paid characters are paid. I feel like that’s just a cop out on asking to get the DLC free.


I agree with the other posters and realistically, the price point on an adaptation should be much lower than a new character. Also, I think people would be less likely to pay for adaptations.


That doesn’t even make sense. Adaptations should remain free.


I believe variants should be free. I believe dlc characters should have the same concept as rainbow 6 siege. Season pass allows you to play them earlier and you have them automatically. Games with low content should not force some to get a season pass in order to play with dlc characters. I think if there was a rather hard way to farm for them they can unlock it for free.


ok, so bad idea, i have no problem at all with paying for the characters, but apparently the majority of everyone who hates evolve hates it because of dlc, idk if its prices or the dlc itself, but anyway just thinkin outloud to see if this might solve the problem, but it looks like a no so nvm then


The DLC hate branches off from day 1 dlc. Instead of players playing the new game, they have future updates that you buy “crammed down their neck.” It’s basically giving a reason for people to hate the game. That and also the crappy skins that are a) overpriced and b) worthless because they don’t change the playermodel, only the guns and deployables.

As for your idea, I agree with everyone on this forum. I’ll just add on that the variations are made to fix/change the og classes. They aren’t very good standalone classes.


I can kinda understand some of the Monster skins (the Bog skins and White Tiger Goliath for example) being $2.99 ($6.99 for the Bog pack) because they can camouflage you and help you survive. Though if Maggie’s on the Hunter team they don’t do crap as Daisy will find you.


It doesn’t make sense your post dude,why would we or TRS want us to pay for the adaptations that take far less time and effort and get the Tier one’s that take time and resources for free?


He just said it was a bad idea and that he wouldn’t mind paying.


More paid DLC? Just what we need to feed people’s perception of the game as if it wasn’t bad already.


Variations take less work and the base is already there. New characters should be paid for. I wouldn’t mind paying 2 dollars for the variations either, lol.